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Hello, Berkeley High School students and parents!

My name is Alessandra Ionescu-Zanetti and I am Co-president of the Physics
Club at Berkeley High School. The Physics Club has another event coming up.

When: Friday, April 16th, 2021. 3:30 p.m.

Who: Federico Faggin grew up in Italy and moved to the United States as a
young adult. He worked for Intel on inventing the first microprocessor in
the late 1960s and later started several companies, including the Federico
and Elvia Faggin Foundation, which is dedicated to learning more about
human consciousness.

What: Federico Faggin will talk about his work on both the microprocessor
and consciousness and how technology is impacted by breakthroughs in both
areas. He will answer any questions you may have about these subjects!

If you are interested, fill out this <https://forms.gle/KPAWRK5Mj2WZubAp6>

Thank you for your time,

Alessandra Ionescu-Zanetti

Physics Club

Links to past lectures:

Seeing Voices - Carl Haber

Q&A - Christian Bauer, Jacob Leedom, and Nicholas Rodd


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