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PLEASE do not reply to this email, contact your student’s counselor (list
below) with questions.

Greetings BHS families,

As we begin Term 2, students seeking to drop/add a class must now follow
the policy outlined below.


Any requests for schedule changes must be made during registration week. A
change request is only accepted if the school has made a mistake or a
student has been assigned the wrong level.  Most courses are year-long, and
students must select all of their courses prior to the start of the school
year.  They may not change courses mid-year. Students are not allowed to
have gaps in their schedules. They must continue to attend the courses that
appear on their schedule in Illuminate until an official course change has
been made and they are given a new schedule in Illuminate. Students who do
not receive an official schedule change before attempting to attend a new
class risk invalidation of an approved change and may receive a failing
grade in a course.


Students may apply to withdraw from a course up until the end of Term 1 for
classes in periods 1, 3, 5, or 7 and up until the end of Term 2 for classes
in periods 0, 2, 4, or 6.


Drops within the first 2 weeks of Term 1 or Term 2 will not appear on the
permanent record.  After the first two weeks, and up until the end of Term
1 or the end of Term 2, the transcript will reflect a “W” (withdrawal) with
no credit for the dropped course. A student who drops a course after the
end of Term 1 for classes in periods 1, 3, 5, or 7 or after the end of Term
2 for classes in periods 0, 2, 4, or 6 shall receive an “F” grade on their
permanent record.

Students must obtain a proctor to replace the dropped course.

Students may not drop an Honors or AP course.

Period 1, 3, 5, 7:     After first 2 weeks of Term 1, Aug 28th = "W"

                                 After end of Term 1, Sept 11th = "F"

Period 0, 2, 4, 6:     After first 2 weeks of Term 2, Sept 25th =

                                 After end of Term 2, Oct 9th = "F"

To drop/add a course, please find your specific academic counselor on the
list below and click on the link to complete the form.

Dwayne Byndloss - AC (A-Cl) & AMPS - BHS Course Drop/Add Form

Maribel Quiroz - AC (Co-Ho) & U9 HIVE 7 - BHS Course Drop/Add Form

Teri Goodman - AHA, MLP, CEC, HB, SEIP & ATP - BHS Course Drop/Add Form

Alietti Ortega-Medoza - AC (Mi-Ri) & CAS - BHS Course Drop/Add Form

Miranda Gonzalez - AC (Ro-Z) & U9 HIVE 6 - BHS Course Drop/Add Form

Lucia Cortez - AC (Hs-Me) & U9 HIVES 3 & 4 - BHS Course Drop/Add Form

Linh Le - BIHS (A-Kh) & U9 HIVE 2 (A-Kh) & U9 HIVE 1 - BHS Course Drop/Add

Molly Offerman - BIHS (Ki-Z) & U9 HIVE 2 (Ki-Z) & U9 HIVE 5 - BHS Course
Drop/Add Form


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