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Dear Community,

Only two days until *Red** & **Gold** Day* -- this *Friday, November 1*,
when students will celebrate by wearing festive *red** and **gold* outfits.

We are still looking for additional parents/guardians to help the flow of
thousands of excited students at the end of the day, from 1:30-3:35.

Parents will be ushers as the students come and go from campus and during
dismissal, as well as extra eyes and ears. This will be a fun day and it is
nice to have a reason to be on campus. If your child is hesitant about
having their parent on campus, please assure them you can be assigned a
spot far away.

Thank you to all who have signed up for the early shift!  *If you can help
with the 1:30-3:40 shift **please sign up here

Thanks very much for considering being here this Friday afternoon, the
final day of *U**n**i**t**y* *W**e**e**k*.


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