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Students who are registered for the PSAT on Oct. 19 at Berkeley High must report to the campus green at 8 a.m. 
Room assignments, alphabetical by last name, will be posted on the doors to the C building. 
Those with College Board approved accommodations should look for rooms with Extended Time.

Bring a photo ID and your receipt. For test you will need several number 2 pencils with soft erasers, an acceptable calculator for the Math test and extra batteries or a backup calculator just in case which will be kept under your desk until needed.

You may bring a small snack and drink to consume in the hallway during the scheduled break. 

Do not bring cell phones, smart watches or wearable technology. If you do bring them, you will have to store them away from you during testing. Do not bring separate timers, cameras, highlighters, dictionaries or other books or colored pens and pencils. Mechanical pencils are also prohibited.

If you did not pick up a student guide with practice test and scholarship information, it is available in C106. Pick it up at lunch or after school.

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