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*Your Donations at Work: News from the Berkeley High School Development

*September 2019*

Happy New School Year!  Your donations to BHS are already hard at work.
Read on to learn more about the vital programs that donations to the
Berkeley High School Development Group (BHSDG) have funded, as well as the
many ways you can invest in strengthening our school.

*What Is BHSDG?*

We are an all-volunteer, nonprofit foundation made up of parents and
students whose mission is to strengthen the educational experience of every
Berkeley High School student.  In the 2018-2019 school year, we directly
funded $352,000 in grants, and we managed an additional $261,000 of
donations and other revenue earmarked for specific learning communities,
programs, and departments.

*What Have Donations Funded Recently?*

Your giving to BHSDG sustains programs such as after-school tutoring,
computers, classroom supplies, and field trips.  Without your donations,
the BHS experience would simply not be the same - especially in these times
of budget cuts.  Highlights of grants funded at our recent board retreat in
July and at our September board meeting include these programs benefiting

*After-school tutoring ($60,000). * Your donations will enable BHS teachers
to stay after school and provide free tutoring to any student who needs a
little extra support.  "Knowing that my math teacher is available a couple
days a week after school gives me confidence and comfort," said one student
last year.  "I use the teacher tutorials every week and it has helped me

*Classroom supplies ($45,000). * All classroom teachers at Berkeley High
School, Berkeley Technology Academy, and Berkeley Independent Study are
eligible to be reimbursed for up to $300 in supplies they purchase for
students in their classrooms.

*Chromebooks ($30,000).*  We worked with the district to develop a plan to
increase access to technology at Berkeley High.  Your donations will allow
the school to provide badly needed new, upgraded, and replacement
Chromebooks for Math and World Languages.

*School planners ($16,000).*  At the start of school, every student at BHS
received a planner, packed with important dates and engaging student
artwork, to help them make the best use of their time.

*College application and testing fee support ($12,000).*  Increasing equity
is central to BHSDG's mission.  Your donations will cover application and
testing fees for low-income students when they apply to college.  "The
money donated to Berkeley High's College and Career Center has allowed me
the opportunity to apply to top universities," said student Ryan Walton,
Class of 2019.  "This has given me the chance to be admitted into amazing
institutions that I otherwise would not have had the chance to attend."

*Yondr cellphone pouches ($5,000).*  If you have a freshman in U9, you may
already be familiar with the new Yondr cellphone-locking devices in this
pilot program.  Yondr is designed to keep cellphones out of sight and out
of mind, allowing teachers to teach and students to learn distraction-free.

*Restorative Justice ($3,900).*  Your donations will hire a coach to train
staff and teachers at Berkeley Technology Academy and Berkeley Independent
Study in effective restorative justice techniques.  The goal is to help
meet students where they are and move forward together.

*Math professional development ($3,500).*  Your donations funded a second
professional development workshop in August for all 24 teachers in the math
department to build community and align course expectations.  As a result
of last year's grant, all Math 1 classes developed a consistent grading
policy and teachers shared best practices in areas such as test corrections.

*African American Studies Department ($2,100).*  Ninety students will get a
chance to attend Exit Strategy, a play about a struggling school district,
now playing at the Aurora Theater.  Students will also attend pre- and
post-play workshops with cast members designed to bring the play's themes
to life.  In the spring, two African American nontraditional storytellers
will engage an estimated 800 students at assemblies.

*How You Can Help*

*Donate.*  Donate online at www.bhsdg.org, or via check payable to BHSDG,
P.O. Box 519, Berkeley, CA 94701-0519.  Please inquire if your employer has
a matching gift program that could double your donation.  You can also
donate stock by contacting stock at bhsdg.org <no_reply at apple.com?subject=>.

*Shop with eScrip. * Register your credit, debit, and store club and
loyalty cards at www.escrip.com and earn money for Berkeley High.  It's
free to enroll, and your purchases benefit the Berkeley Athletic Fund and
BHSDG. *The BHS school code is 137646958.*

*Shop with AmazonSmile.*  When you remember to shop on Amazon at
smile.amazon.com, a portion of your order can go to BHSDG.  Just choose
Berkeley High School Development Group as your charity when first signing
up or on the "Your Amazon Smile" page.

*Volunteer. * Are you an event planner, designer, organizer, fundraiser,
tech person, or other expert?  BHSDG can use your help.  Questions?
Contact info at bhsdg.org <info at bhsdg.org?subject=>.

*Come out to the Cheese Board. * Each year, the Cheese Board Collective
generously donates the use of their space, as well as their delicious food,
to a fundraising event for Berkeley High. This year's event will be
scheduled for October, so please stay tuned.

*About BHSDG*

BHSDG is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations
to BHSDG are tax deductible.  We generally meet on the first Monday of each
month from September through June, except for holidays and school breaks.
The next board meeting will be 7-9 pm on Monday, October 7, in the College
and Career Center.  Visitors and those interested in becoming members are

To learn more about BHSDG, make a donation, become a business partner, or
submit a grant proposal, please visit http://bhsdg.org/wp/.  For more
information, send an email to info at bhsdg.org <info at bhsdg.org?subject=>.


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