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BHS Sports: TODAY is the LAST DAY for registration on Family ID or you can't try-out.

Follow the link on the Berkeley High website, Athletics tab and register on Family ID. You can go back later to upload the doctor's form (before tryouts) but if you don't have the family ID registration completed by 1/23/19 you CANNOT try out.

Berkeley High Spring Sports 2018-19

Badminton, Baseball, Crew - Boys and Girls, Diving - Boys and Girls, Golf - Boys, Lacrosse - Boys and Girls, Softball, Swimming - Boys and Girls, Tennis - Boys, Track and Field - Boys and Girls, Volleyball - Boys

·  Tryouts begin on Monday 1/28/19 and continue all week.

·  Some sports will make cuts early in the week. Plan to come every day, all week.

·  Detailed tryout information will be sent out and posted the week before tryouts

·  To be eligible to try out you must have a Family ID registration and a current doctor's clearance DEADLINE ABSOLUTELY 1/23/19

·  You may register for Family ID NOW with or without the doctor's clearance (you can go back and upload that clearance later, before tryouts)

·  Deadline to register for Spring Sports tryouts is January 23, 2019. If you have not finished and completed the Family ID registration by then, forget it. If you did but won't have a doctor's note until later, contact athleticdirector at berkeley.net<mailto:athleticdirector at berkeley.net>

·  Any student athlete who has indicated on their Family ID registration that they would like to participate in a spring sport and has uploaded a current doctor's clearance will be approved starting now and will be open for view on the Berkeley High School website, Athletics tab on a link.

·  If your name is not there you either: need a doctor's clearance, didn't complete your registration, or did not indicate a spring sport. Please contact athleticdirector at berkeley.net<mailto:athleticdirector at berkeley.net>


·  Most teams require for a student to be GRADE ELIGIBLE to be on the team - a 2.0 minimum GPA for Semester 1.

·  Semester 1 grades will not be posted until after tryouts have begun. Therefore, anyone who has a Family ID registration and a current doctor's clearance WILL be allowed to try out.

·  Some Spring teams do not include students on their roster who are NOT grade eligible. If a student-athlete tries out for a team, makes the roster but ends up being below a 2.0 for Semester 1 they may be taken off the roster. Please be advised of this information and make a point to get those Semester 1 grades UP!

·  If you have a question about your S1 progress, your GPA, how to figure your GPA or other related concerns please contact Athletic Academic Support James Metzger at jamesmetzger at berkeley.net<mailto:jamesmetzger at berkeley.net>

Please note: During finals week we will not read announcements over the PA.

*****Students are allowed to leave campus at 12:40 on final exam days.

IMPORTANT ~ Finals Schedule



Wednesday   1/23

Thursday  1/24

Friday  1/25

8:30 - 10:30


Period 1

Period 3

Period 5

10:40 - 12:40


Period 2

Period 4

Period 6

12:40 - 1:20





1:26 - 2:47


Finals Prep*

Finals Prep*

Make up**

* Finals prep is optional time for students to meet with teachers if they have questions about finals.

** The Friday afternoon make-up period is for students who had exam conflicts earlier in week, or students who need extended time. A teacher must be notified in advance that a student wishes to use make up time.


Berkeley High Jazz

Congratulations to the Berkeley High Jazz Ensemble, one of only 12 high school big bands chosen to compete it the highly exclusive Monterey NextGen Jazz Festival! The festival is free to all; come down to Monterey on Saturday, April 6th to hear them play! Go Jazz Jackets!


The Jacket~Black History Month Edition

The Jacket Newspaper is looking for submissions from the BHS community to be included in the Black History Month special edition Jacket. Submissions can be illustrations, photos, quotes, poems, and other writing and visual art samples on black history for the black experience in this country. They are due February 8th, and anyone with questions can contact dylandelancie at students.berkeley.net<mailto:dylandelancie at students.berkeley.net>.


Join us in the Little Theater Feb 22 @ 4pm to watch a movie based off the true story of Richard and Mildred, Loving. The Loving's were an interracial couple living in Virginia during Jim Crow. Their marriage, and arrest for violating miscegenation laws, caused a legal battle that led to the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized interracial marriage in the US. Hot beverages and desserts will be served at intermission. As usual students and faculty get in at an reduced price! Bring your significant others, friends, and family for this powerful screening! Make sure to pass on the word and the EVITE to anyone you think would be interested!!!!!!!!

To RSVP please click here- RSVP FOR "LOVING"<http://evite.me/Bf41MqM31F>

To watch a trailer click here- Trailer<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33g-ZHBQdNU>

Hope to see you there!

BHS Leadership is searching for new candidates to RUN for an ELECTED POSITION on the 2019-20 ASB Leadership team. We are looking forward to hearing from a wide variety of voices and perspectives to effect positive change on campus. You can run a campaign for:

School Board Student Representative


Vice President

Chief of Service

Chiefs of Publicity

School Site Council Student Rep

BSEP Student Rep

BHS Development Student Rep

Appointed candidate positions such as deputy, treasurer, secretary, and more are selected by interview.

Applications are now available online on the BHS Leadership website.



For more questions contact Mr. V or your current local ASB Leadership representative.

Theater: Come see The Vagina Monologues January 25, 26 and February 1, 2 at the Florence Little Theater, 7 pm; tickets are only $5 and February 1st is pay what you can day.

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