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Dear Berkeley High School and Berkeley Technology Academy Families, Students, and Staff,

Over the last several months we have been discussing our graduation ceremony with UC Berkeley, our host for the event at the Greek Theatre. There are several issues with the facility that have been of mutual concern to UC Berkeley and to our District, primarily having to do with capacity, accessibility, security, and cost.

Considering first and foremost the experience of students and their families at the ceremony, we have come to the decision that the graduation event can not be held at the Greek Theatre.

We are actively exploring the use of the Haas Pavilion on the UC Berkeley campus, a site we believe will provide an excellent experience for everyone. We plan to have confirmation and more details to share with you within the next several weeks.

We also want you to know that due to a number of considerations, including the change in venue, the graduation date will be Saturday, June 15, with a start time of about 1:00 p.m. This is a change from the usual Friday evening event timing. We will provide confirmation on the start time as soon as arrangements are finalized.

There are many factors involved in this decision. Here are a few of the key considerations that informed our process:

Parking, accessibility, entrance points, security, and seating for patrons, especially those with disabilities, are difficult issues to manage at the Greek Theatre.

The cost and availability for staffing and security is significantly better for daytime events.

Due to capacity issues at the Greek Theatre, we have had to strictly limit the number of tickets our graduates can obtain. The new venue could allow many more guests for each graduate.

The new venue offers significant improvements in comfort, capacity, accessibility, audio / video quality and other amenities that provide exciting possibilities for creating meaningful and memorable graduation traditions at a new site.

Our goal is to have a graduation ceremony that is comfortable, accessible, safe, and open to graduates’ family members and friends for a very celebratory and joyful event. We are working hard to confirm a location that fulfills all of those requirements, and we will write again soon with more details.

Thank you,

Donald Evans Erin Schweng Heidi Weber

BUSD Superintendent BHS Principal Principal, Alternative Programs


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