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September is a great time to think about new ways to be involved in our school community. September is also the month for parent elections for School Site Council (SSC) and the BSEP Site Committee!

We hope you will consider nominating yourself for one of these important school-wide committees. We need a diverse group of parents/guardians from across our community to support decision-making at our school. You can nominate yourself using the links below. Please do so no later than 5:00, this Friday, September 21. If you have questions about the committees, please contact BSEP Program Specialist, danielleperez at berkeley.net.

What is the School Site Committee (SSC)? The SSC is where parents have a direct voice in reviewing the school’s academic goals and evaluating how well those goals are being met. The SSC also has a voice in approving the school’s Safety Plan, and the BSEP committee’s plan for spending the school’s site funds. The SSC is composed of the Principal, a classified staff member,  4  teachers or counselors, 3 students, 3 parents, and alternates. Meetings are monthly on the second Tuesday of each month from 4:15-6:00 pm.

Use this link to nominate yourself for the Berkeley High SSC.<https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeUWT6fbNP1M8koEg-ll7pOMTBbaDyPkZaKRyUaHUBhCQdCRg/viewform>

What is the BSEP Site Committee? BSEP (Berkeley Schools Excellence Program) is a parcel tax responsible for about 20% of the Berkeley Unified School District's budget. 10% of those funds are allocated to each school site for activities which improve student performance. At Berkeley High the site committee allocates about $800,000 annually, evaluating currently funded programs, soliciting new applications, and prioritizing needs. The BSEP Site Committee has 5 parent representatives, 5 students, 5 staff and alternates. The committee typically meets one Monday afternoon per month from 4:30-6:00 pm in the fall, with one or two meetings per month in the spring.

Use this link to nominate yourself for BSEP Site Committee.<https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeUWT6fbNP1M8koEg-ll7pOMTBbaDyPkZaKRyUaHUBhCQdCRg/viewform>


September 21   Nominations due

September 24   Voting begins (online and in-person at Back to School Night)

September 27   Voting ends after Back-to-School Night

October      18   First meeting of SSC and BSEP Committees at BUSD Committee Orientation and Workshop event  (5:30-8:00 pm, Longfellow Middle School)

In addition to the two elected committees above, an additional opportunity to consider for serving your community:

BSEP Planning and Oversight (P&O) Committee. This district-wide committee reviews all of the plans and budgets for around $30 million dollars allocated by the BSEP parcel tax measure to our schools. These funds provide for nearly 1/3 of our classroom teachers, our 4th-8th grade music, all school libraries, as well as technology, translation, professional development, parent engagement programs, and more. If you wish to be one of four representatives or two alternates from Berkeley High to serve on this committee, you need to be appointed by the newly elected BSEP Site Committee at their first meeting in October. Please contact BSEP Program Specialist at danielleperez at berkeley.net if you are interested or have questions.


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