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Fri Aug 10 13:54:12 PDT 2018

PLEASE do not reply to this email, contact illuminatehc at berkeley.net

Dear BHS parents/guardians:

As we gear up for the start of a new school year, we want all families to
have access to important information to help their students succeed.

Our school district uses a web-based tool called *Illuminate Home Connect *to
share information about your student’s attendance, grades, and academic

We need to have accurate parent/guardian contact information for all
students so that you can access important information about your student
and we can stay connected with you throughout the coming school year. We
also need accurate contact information to reach you in case of an

*If you do not yet have a parent/guardian Illuminate account, please look
for an email sent to you with the subject line: Important Message from
Berkeley Unified School District; Action Required. *This email was sent to
all BHS parents/guardians who have an email address on file but who have
not set up an Illuminate account and includes your access code and
information you need to set up your account.

Later this month we will be collecting important contact and emergency card
information for your student(s) so please be sure to activate your account.

If you need technical assistance to set up your account, please send a
request to illuminatehc at berkeley.net with your name, email address, and the
name of your student(s).

Thank you.

Erin Schweng, Principal

Berkeley High School


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