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Dear Parents and Community,

We are fortunate to have our community lending a hand when we need them. As the 2018 school year comes to a close I'd like to thank those of you who helped out all year, and over the last few weeks; forgive me if I have missed adding your name to this list.

Thank you to our Etree Moderators, the excellent team of Marguerite Fa-Kaji, Dylan Kaufman, and Jenny Fosket for their behind-the-scenes work with the Etree all year long, from early in the morning until late into the evening. The moderators read through every single email message before it is posted, help with formatting and contact info, edit for clarity, and respond thoughtfully and promptly to everyone who seeks assistance.

Thank you to our Tour Guides who took turns leading tours of prospective students and their families almost every morning from October through March. Many times these tours are the first impression of our school, we are so lucky to have had these guides and send thanks to: Chaghig Minassian Walker, Chrissy Hoffman, Deb Thompson, Judith Barish, Laurel Coates, Lisa Vega, Locke Jaeger, Suzanne Alberga and Wiz Wells

Thanks to our Front Desk Volunteers for your help in making Berkeley High a friendly, welcoming place week after week, all year long, including during
Finals and Graduation Day! Sincere appreciation to Abby Waldstein, Afra Pourdad, Alison King, Allison Wren, Amy Watson, Anna Goldstein, Becky Price, Bill Hurley, Bonnie Lamb, Casey Ledor, Catherine Betts, Cathryn Houghton, Cheryl Berg, Christa Rybczynski, Courtney Walch, Dana Welsh, Dawn Paxson, Debbie Bamberger, Diane Halberg, Diane O'Keefe, Elena Kaloyanova, Gazel Valdez, Geoff Holton, Jean Fichtenkort, Jean Lusson, Jen Werner, Jennifer Little, Jessica Hilton, Joan Kiang, Joann Marshall, Julie Weitz, Karen Kiyo Huster, Kathleen Morris, Kaye Anderson, Kim Kapoor, Kimmi Kataria, Laura Wildmann, Laurel Coates, Liana Capers-Davis, Lisa Handwerker, Lyn Harlan, Maria Watson, Martha Belcher, Maureen Ellenhorn, Melanie Green, Mia Masia, MJ Baumann, Molly Dinneen, Myra Paci, Natasha Bell, Noemi Hansen, Olivia Lee, Paula Chertok, Penny Edwards, Rosa Luevano, Sandra Belda, Sanjani Varkey, Sue Danne, Susie Marcus, and Wiz Wells.

For help with the end of the year Textbook Returns - over the last two weeks, with their help, we have had a very successful textbook return. Over 4200 textbooks have been checked in to the book room! The volunteers assisted Nicole Fitzhugh, our Textbook/Library Technician, who really appreciated their help, kindness and support; several of them helped more than one shift. Thank you to -- Amy Gordon, Anne Lackey, Bethany Schoenfeld, Catherine Maggio, Clare Woakes, Dana Arkinzadeh, Dana Welsh, Dawn Nykamp, Deb Goldberg, Diane O'Keefe, Emily Gottreich, Geri Charnin, Kathryn Levenson, Kim Starr-Reid, Leo Meier, Lisa Titus, Lucy Kuntz, Lydie Laurent, Mia Masia, SanSan Kwan

Congratulations to all of you whose children are graduating today! Hope you enjoy your summer and that we'll see those of you with returning students in the Fall.

Lisa Sibony
Outreach and Volunteers

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