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*Physics for 9th Graders: A key step in BHS’s alignment to *

*the Next Generation Science Standards*


The BHS science department is planning a new course sequence beginning 
this fall (August 2017) that will, in the following year, be extended to 
all incoming 9th graders.This shift involves changing the science course 
that incoming freshman take from Biology to Physics 1.

If approved by the School Board this spring, all incoming 9th grade 
students in the Berkeley International High School (BIHS) and the Arts & 
Humanities Academy (AHA) learning communities would begin with Physics 1 
in fall of 2017, and the change would be fully implemented for all 9th 
grade students in 2018-19.

The proposed change to the science course sequence will *not impact any 
current BHS student.*

*Information Session: April 18, 7-8pm in the BHS library.


All are welcome to join BHS science faculty and educators for an 
information session on April 18th from 7pm to 8pm in the BHS library to 
learn more about the evolution of science instruction at BHS.

This web page 
designed to give you information about the shift to Physics 1 and the 
implementation of California’s Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) 
at Berkeley High School.


Tamara Friedman

Vice Principal, Berkeley High School

Berkeley Unified School District
( <tel:%28510%29%20644-4566>510) 644-8744



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