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2017 BHS PROM <http://bhsprom2017.bpt.me/>

*Midnight* *in* *Paris* prom will take place at the Bently Reserve in SF.
You can expect a beautiful setting with plenty of amenities included in the
ticket price. There will be a sweet & savory crepe bar, the popular
chocolate fountain, free photo booths as well as professional photos at a

Seniors and juniors are welcome to purchase tickets. Please note that we do
follow the attendance rule and no student with 30 or more unverified (UNV)
period absences will be allowed to attend. Please consult PowerSchool and
the attendance office for more details on how to clear absences. Any appeal
letters must be submitted before April 14 to the attendance office or the
Dean of Attendance.



*MIDNIGHT* *IN* *PARIS* *APRIL** 22, 2017*

Ticket sales in leadership office (in cafeteria) during lunch & after school

Tickets may be purchased in person from 3/29-3/31 for $50 (students who
qualify for free & reduced lunch*), $60 (students with ASB sticker**), or
$70 (regular price).

Tickets may be purchased online only from 4/1-4/21, for $75.  (No in person
sales during spring break).

Tickets may be purchased in person from 4/10-4/21 for $50 (free & reduced
lunch), $65 (ASB), or $75.

*Free & Reduced Lunch price applies to BUSD students and in person only.
Verification form available outside of leadership office.

**ASB Sticker was only sold in the fall. Students should bring their student
ID to prove eligibility. Must purchase in person.

Cash or check payable to *BHS* *ASB*

*ASB* *stands* *for* *Associated* *Student* *Body*

Debit & Credit Card payments accepted online

*bhsprom2017.bpt.me <http://bhsprom2017.bpt.me/>*

Class of 2017 Senior Letter

This letter available online contains many important dates, expectations,
and information related to graduation***.


******Please* *note* *that* *graduation* *information* *will* *updated*
*later* *in* *the* *semester**, **most* *likely* *in* *early* *May**. *
*Please* *review* *the* *letter* *and* *check* *your* *student* *email* *at*
*that* *time* *for* *updates* *for* *ticket* *info**, **prices**, **etc**.*


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