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City of Berkeley YouthWorks Employment application period for 2016-17 
Winter After-School Employment program will be Oct 3- Oct 31  If 
selected, jobs begin Jan 4 to Feb 18.**

*YouthWorks location and contact info:*

  * 2180 Milvia St. (Civic Center) 1^st Floor, Berkeley CA. 94704
  * 510-981-4970 <tel:510-981-4970>
  * youthworks at cityofberkeley.info <mailto:youthworks at cityofberkeley.info>

*Application pick up/drop off days and hours: *

  * Oct 3 - Oct 31 Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
  * Please note City offices will be closed on Monday October 10 in
    observance of Indigenous Peoples Day & on October 14 as a
    cost-saving measure.

*Qualifications and requirements for applicants to receive an application: *

  * Must be 14-25 years old
  * Berkeley resident
  * Applicant will be required to come in person to the YouthWorks
    office, Sign in, provide physical address including zip code and two
    contact numbers. Without this initial information an application
    will not be provided

(Adults may accompany the applicant, however applications are not issued 
to adults/parents/guardians if youth is not present)

*To submit an application:*

  * Application must be completed in blue or black ink. Incomplete
    applications will not be considered
  * Must be signed by applicant and *if under 18 years of age* *also
    signed by legal guardian*
  * Residency portion of application completed and signed by legal guardian
  * Provide the 5 additional items listed with the application
  * Submit before deadline of 4:30 p.m. Monday October 31^st 2016

*The following 5 items (all 5) are required along with the completed 

 1. Valid Photo ID*
 2. Social Security Card (actual card must be physically brought in)
 3. Proof of Residency**
 4. Resume (must be typed), check with YouthWorks office re: resume
 5. Report Card or School issued document (progress report) showing a
    mininum 2.0 GPA for the current grading period (per state education

/*acceptable forms of ID for YouthWorks/

A.School ID (Current School Year must have photo)

B.DMV issued ID (must be current)

C.Valid Passport

D.Military ID


*No other form of ID will be accepted*.

/**acceptable forms of residency verification/

 1. DMV issued ID of applicant or legal guardian with Berkeley address
    on it
 2. Current utility bill. (Water, Gas, Electric, Cable only. Bill must
    be in name of legal guardian)
 3. Current renter’s, lease/mortgage/ home ownership terms in the
    applicant or applicant’s legal guardian’s name

*NO other documents will be accepted*.

For further information or questions regarding the winter employment 
program, please contact YouthWorks at (510)981-4970 
<tel:%28510%29981-4970> or email youthworks at cityofberkeley.info 
<mailto:youthworks at cityofberkeley.info>


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