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Hello Berkeley High Families,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to let you know about 
some staffing changes on the Berkeley High Administration for the 
upcoming 2016/2017 school year.

​We are welcoming two Vice Principals and a Dean of Students to the 
team. Please find below their bios and if/when you get a chance, please 
welcome them to our vibrant school community.

It's been a great year and for families with 12th graders, I cannot wait 
for tomorrow's graduation. Thanks for your attention, and,




*Shannon Fierro - Vice Principal *

Shannon's educational background includes a bachelor's degree in French 
from Dickinson College, a master's degree in French Studies from New 
York University, and a master's degree in Education from Harvard 
University. While obtaining her degrees in French, she studied abroad in 
Toulouse and Paris.

Her work experience includes working presently as a Director of 
Instructional Coaching for Aspire Public Schools; and previously as 
Supervisor of Formative Assessment for San Francisco Unified School 
District, assistant principal in New York, and as a teacher of French, 
English as a second Language, Spanish and Drama.

One of her references states, "Shannon is a caring and thoughtful person 
who has a way of making everyone with whom she works feel supported and 
inspired. She is skilled at promoting a collegial environment that 
values collaboration with teachers, principals and central office 
colleagues. She is an engaged and insightful contributor during weekly 
meetings and broader organizational vision setting sessions."

Another reference writes, "Recognizing Shannon's skills, I asked her to 
mentor new teachers and supervise the special education department. She 
approached these new tasks with intensity, professionalism, and a 
commitment to excellence. She quickly educated herself on the complex 
special education system, made contacts throughout the district, and 
restructured the program to better serve our ever increasing special 
education population. She has then been consulted by other schools and 
district administrators to advise on program design."

*Tamara Friedman - Vice Principal *

Tamara's educational background includes a bachelor's degree in 
Spanish from Georgetown University, a master's degree in education from 
Stanford University, and a master's in school administration from Cal.

She has served as an educator in various capacities. She has served as a 
Spanish and English Language Development teacher at Berkeley High School 
since 1994, professional development lead teacher at Berkeley High 
School for the past 3 years, and for two years as an adjunct professor 
at the University of San Francisco. Tamara is also a National Board 
Certified teacher.

One of her references writes, Tamara Friedman is not only a leader. 
She's a leader of leaders. I've watched her co-facilitate meetings with 
the teacher leaders at Berkeley High School for two years.Tamara is 
focused and determined to achieved our school-wide goals, but she 
carries herself with extraordinary emotional intelligence. She can be 
agenda driven, and also caring and flexible. I can go on and on about 
Tamara's leadership accomplishments at Berkeley High School. She's 
already an extraordinary educator. She'll continue to be as she grows 
into new responsibilities as school administrator. I give her my 
highest, most enthusiastic recommendation for an administrative position 
in our district."

Please welcome Tamara to our administrative team and let her know how 
you can support her as she transitions to her new role.

*Kiernan Rok - Dean of Students *

Kiernan's educational background includes a bachelor's degree from 
Bard College in political studies, human rights and Latin America 
studies and a master's degree in special education from San Francisco 
State University. His educational experience includes approximately 10 
years of service as a general education and special education teacher 
and 2 years of administrative experience as assistant principal in 
Oakland Unified School District. While in Oakland, he was trained in 
restorative justice practices and received the Teaching Excellence Award.

One of Kiernan's references writes, "Kiernan's leadership skills, 
interpersonal communication skills, and outstanding 
teaching practices have a reputation campus-wide. Although he is the 8th 
grade administrator, he is the first person anyone on staff goes to when 
faced with a challenge at school...He is flexible, compassionate, open 
to feedback, and reflective.  There is not a decision he makes without 
first giving considerable thought as to the purpose and intended 
outcome...Kiernan inspires educators to grow and meet the challenges of 
teaching. He holds the students with whom he works and the adults 
with whom he leads, to a high standard, but provides support to help us 
all achieve that standard. He can hold firm boundaries while also 
empowering those involved. Kiernan empowers students to make choices 
that help them develop confidence, independence and accountability.  He 
partners with families and builds strong relationships with parents. His 
genuine nature balanced with his wealth of knowledge about teaching and 
leading others makes him the most inspiring and effective administrator 
I have ever had the pleasure of working with."


Sam Pasarow


Berkeley High School


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