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Announcements are put together in the BHS Main Office, by Claudia 
Hernandez Claudiahernandez at berkeley.net 
<mailto:Claudiahernandez at berkeley.net> and Victoria Session 
victoriasession at berkeley.net <mailto:victoriasession at berkeley.net>. For 
those of you who do not hear the announcements where you are during 
second period, or if you would like to read them each day, you can find 
them in the Daily Bulletin section of Powerschool.

*Berkeley High School Bulletin for Friday, June 10, 2016*

Principal Pasarow begins Friday’s announcements with positive shout outs.

Good Morning Berkeley High School this is Mr. Pasarow with your daily 
announcements. At the top of today’s announcements, we have our positive 
shout outs.. At the top is a shout out to Ms. *Rosa Guzman* and the 
students in her Chicano Latino Studies class. The administration 
and School Board President, Leyva Cutler, were invited to a class 
presentation this morning and we were blown away by the 
student presentations and advocacy for this most important class. 
Students told poignant stories about the positive and deep impact 
the class has had on them as scholars and as community members. I want 
to shout out that Chicano Latino Studies is a vital part of our course 
catalog at BHS.

>From Mr. Carton, “I'd like to give a HUUUUUUGE shout out to *Amanda 
Green *for her fearless leadership with Academic Choice.”

I’m the originator of our next shout out and this one is for the Design 
Team and its leaders, “I want to commend the work of Design Team 
Leaders, *Minassian and Friedman*: your leadership and tireless work are 
moving our school forward so it can better serve all kids. To the Design 
Team, you have given so much of your time and heart to our work and we 
are lucky to have had your involvement in this important process. You 
are deeply appreciated.“

Finally from David Luu in OCI, “Here's a shout out to the *Restorative 
Ambassadors* of Berkeley High School. Most of you have been doing 
Restorative Justice work here for years, and I wanted to extend true and 
heartfelt appreciation for your dedication and hard work.”


*Locker Clean-out*

Students: Please clear out your locker by Friday and when possible, 
RECYCLE school supplies! Bring any gently used folders, binders, 
notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. to the C-Gallery on the second floor of 
the C-Building.



Juniors: Friday is the priority registration deadline for summer school. 
Make sure you see your counselor today. If you did not pass or think you 
might not pass Algebra 2, Geometry or Math 1x, there is still space to 
take those classes over the summer.


*SENIORS: Graduation Tickets*

All graduating seniors get two free bowl tickets for the graduation 
ceremony. These tickets can be picked up daily from 3:00-4:00 pm from 
the BHS Box Office, which is near the A Gate on Allston Way. Seniors: 
before you can pick up their tickets, you must complete the online 
Senior Exit Report and clear any book, material or athletic debts. 
Please check your student Email account for details.


*Textbook Return!*

Students: Please continue to return your textbooks to the book room and 
library. During Finals Week, you can return textbooks & library books to 
the Community Theater Lobby, Monday through Wednesday from 8am to 4pm. 
On Thursday and Friday, return books to the book room.


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