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PLEASE do not reply to this email, contact Athletic Director 
athleticdirector at berkeley.net <mailto:athleticdirector at berkeley.net>

Dear Berkeley High Community,

Thank you for your support of the Student Athletes and Teams here at 
BHS.  As we prepare for the 2016-2017 school year and seasons, we want 
to provide you with as much initial information as possible.

*Tryouts for Fall Sports will begin in August:8/8 for Football and 8/15 
for all other Fall sports. Please plan your summer travels accordingly.*

_The Athletic Packet is now available_. We encourage EVERYONE (including 
Winter and Spring Athletes) to fill this out over the summer and turn in 
during the August dates for clearing. This will set you up for 
participation in sports every season you choose.

*Packets may be picked up in the main office, the Athletic Director’s 
office or downloaded from these two sites: 

*And this link:*



*Berkeley High Athletics Information for 2016-2017*

*Fall, Winter and Spring sport*s

Fall Sports (August-Nov)


Winter Sports (Nov-Feb)


Spring Sports (Feb-May)

Cheerleading                   Golf, Girls

Cross Country, Boys      Tennis, Girls

Cross Country, Girls       Water Polo, Boys

Field Hockey, Girls          Water Polo, Girls

Football                            Volleyball, Girls


Basketball, Boys

Basketball, Girls

Soccer, Boys

Soccer, Girls



Badminton             Softball, Girls

Baseball                Swimming and Diving, Boys

Crew, Boys          Swimming and Diving, Girls

Crew, Girls           Tennis, Boys

Golf, Boys             Track and Field, Boys

Lacrosse, Boys     Track and Field, Girls

Lacrosse, Girls      Volleyball, Boys

  * All students are encouraged to visit their doctors, fill out their
    Athletic Packets over the summer and turn them in at the beginning
    of the school year. Once your packet is on file in the Athletic
    Director’s office (and provided the doctor’s physical is still
    valid) you are eligible for sports for each season tryouts and
  * */Eligibility: /*Please be aware that for Fall tryouts eligibility
    will be determined by your Semester 2 grades this year. All incoming
    9th graders are granted Fall eligibility

*_Clearing a Packet _**- DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!*

Be aware that you will *NOT* be able to participate or tryout without 
having cleared a packet with the AD office. If you miss the clearing 
dates and come to make-up clearing you will be missing the tryouts and 
possibly the beginning of the season and that this /could/ potentially 
jeopardize your ability to join a team and to participate.

If you are planning to do a Winter or Spring sport and clear your packet 
in August/September you will be ready for the tryouts, no worries!

Packet clearing will take place in the AD office in 
J207. Parent/Guardians do not need to be present. Listed below are Fall 
clearing dates. Additional dates for Winter and Spring are listed on the 
Athletic Packet cover page.

*_Fall _*

*August 3:   2pm-4pm*

*August 4:   4pm-6pm*

*August 10:  2pm-5pm         August 11:  2pm-5pm *

*_Make Up Times:_*

*August 16:  2pm-5pm*

*August 17:  2pm-5pm*

*August 24:  2pm-5pm*

*Wednesdays: August 31, Sept. 7 & Sept. 14, Lunch ONLY *

Updated Tryout information (location, time, etc.) will be posted on the 
BHS website, Athletics tab


If you have any questions please contact the Athletic Director at 
athleticdirector at berkeley.net <mailto:athleticdirector at berkeley.net>

And consult the FAQs on the Berkeley High website 


*Athletic Director*





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