[BHS Etree] BHSDG: Thank You! - DG $40, 000 Challenge Grant a Success!

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*Holy smokes! /¡Ay, caramba!/**And also, yikes! * Many, many /MANY/ 
thanks to all of you amazing folks out there who heeded the call to give 
to the Berkeley High School Development Group. After you heard that 
several generous families were issuing a challenge grant of *$20,000*, 
you dug deep and gave**a combined total of*over $40,000!* Add the 
$20,000 challenge grant to that, and families and friends gave a 
whopping *$60,000!*

Now we are beautifully poised to continue supporting all of our students 
with important programs, materials, training for teachers to improve 
instruction, and so much more.

Just to recap, here is a partial listing of how BHSDG spends the money, 
including scores of important items benefitting/ALL/ of our students and 
school community, including:

  * Free after-school tutoring in dozens of subjects, for all students,
    school year-round
  * Free PSAT testing for /every/ Sophomore
  * Free BHS daily planners for /every/ student to help them master time
  * College/Career Center support, including new computers and the
    annual College Fair
  * Student projects such as the new ‘zine
  * Classroom mini-grants for all teachers and key staff
  * College application fees and scholarships for students in need
  * Field trips
  * Science, technology, and arts supplies and equipment, including new
    computers for the Jacket
  * Substance abuse prevention education, and much, much more!

To all of you who have donated so generously to this drive, as well as 
all through the year, thank you, thank you, thank you! No donation is 
ever too large or too small; our goal is 100% participation, because the 
more we give back to our school community, the better it is for /all/ of 
our students.

On behalf of the students and staff of Berkeley High and Berkeley 
Technology Academy, the Board of Directors of BHSDG all give a hearty 


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