[BHS Etree] VOLUNTEERS: Gamelan Concert/Field Trip on May 5 (Thurs)

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PLEASE do not reply to this message, contact Alan Miller 
alanmiller at berkeley.net <mailto:alanmiller at berkeley.net>

I am planning a walking field trip to see Gamelan Music at UC Berkeley 
with my sophomores on *Wed, May 4 *and am looking for 5 volunteers to 
join us.

We will leave BHS around 10:45, eat lunch on the green there, listen to 
the concert, then walk back quickly in order to be on time (mostly) for 
Period 5. I would need people available from 10:30 until 1:45 at the 
latest. Volunteers will need good walking shoes, lunch and the ability 
to urge teens to move quickly.

Please let me know if you can join us by emailing me at 
alanmiller at berkeley.net

Thank you,

Alan Miller

The concert is free and will features a rising star in the field. See 
info below:

/Rising Star of Balinese Performing Arts Returns for a Second Residency 
with GSJ! /



/IDA BAGUS MADE WIDNYANA is a virtuosic young composer, performer, and 
teacher, and is considered one of Bali’s ‘rising stars’. A graduate of 
Composition from ISI Denpasar, he’s won awards such as Composer and 
Performer Award from GEOKS, Best Performer in Graduation from ISI and 
Composer Award from the Festival of Arts, Indonesia. Widnyana is in high 
demand throughout Bali and abroad for his exceptional skills in 
composition, leadership, and musical performance. Many of his 
compositions have been featured in the gong kebyar competition at the 
Bali Arts Festival (PKB) in Denpasar. Widnyana has taught 
internationally at University of California at Berkeley, University of 
Richmond, Juilliard, Holy Cross University, and performed abroad for 
Body Music Festival, World Sacred Music Festival, Festival TongTong in 
Holland, Expo Aichi Japan, Martha’s Vineyard, and Festival Halla in 
South Korea./




/As an original founding member of Gamelan Çudamani for over a decade, 
he continues to work with them regularly while also teaching gamelan 
groups all over Bali. He has held the position of Director for Sanggar 
Candra Wirabhuana in the village of Ubud and currently directs the youth 
gamelan group in his native village of Tulikup. /




/A young and passionate culture-bearer, Widnyana’s in-depth knowledge 
and deep respect for Bali’s unique gamelan traditions is evident in the 
breadth of repertoire he is able to teach and perform, and in the 
historical and anthropological contexts he incorporates into his 
teachings and composition. /


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