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Hello Jackets!!!

There are 2 ways to participate in the upcoming Associated Student Body 
(ASB) Student Leadership Elections at Berkeley High:

1. For 9th - 11th grade social studies classes, make sure your social 
studies class has a delegation representing your peers at the Election 

2. Read the message below and check out the attached applications.

Go Jackets!!!

If you are interested in increasing your leadership capacity in 2016-17, 
consider reviewing all of the options for building your skills. Visit 
our leadership website for applications, job descriptions, and 

Elected candidate apps are NOW due *_TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16_*

Appointed candidate apps are due *APRIL 22*

Link Leader apps are due *MAY 6*

berkeleyschools.net/leadership/ <http://berkeleyschools.net/leadership/>

Why should you consider running for a leadership position?

 1. It looks good on your college resume, and you will work closely with
    the principal & vice principals (great for rec letters)!
 2. It can be used to meet community service hour requirements and gets
    you elective credits.
 3. Make a lot of new friends here at Berkeley High and other schools
    when you go to super fun camps and conferences.
 4. You are going to learn skills that you'll find yourself using right
    away and later in life to great benefit.
 5. Gain the power to do something fun or serious or both to change the
    school, the city, and the world.
 6. Attain the confidence to take control of your destiny and make
    change through the rest of your life.

What is the Berkeley High ASB Student Leadership Team?

The BHS Associated Student Body (ASB) Student Leadership Team is made up 
of three groups:

 1. _The executive team_: This group will get really tight with many of
    its members going to retreats, leadership camps, and
    conferences. This is the core team of the school that makes things
    happen – the team that executes!!  Homecoming Week, Relief
    Campaigns, Month of Service, Holiday Meal, Graduation, big-money
    fundraisers, blood drives, concerts, carnivals, fairs, holiday
    activities, guest speakers, panel discussions – the sky is the limit
    for what this group can bring to the school if they work well together.

 2. _The student senate_: The School Board, School Site Council (SSC),
    the Berkeley Schools Excellence Project (BSEP), and the Development
    Group are the four most important decision-making groups on campus.
    Want a say on school design, the bell schedule, teacher evaluations,
    major school policies or where millions of dollars are distributed
    every year?  Then run to be on one of these groups.

 3. _The class leadership teams_: Each class (9th-12^th grade) has a
    leadership group that plans one major event such as Prom, homecoming
    week activities, and fundraisers throughout the year. The members of
    these groups also serve as the volunteer core of most major events
    like Holiday Meal and can take on other exciting roles and
    activities if they are well organized.

Other Leadership opportunities at BHS:

 4. _Link Leaders_: (11^th – 12^th grade) Link Crew is a unique
    opportunity to create a welcoming & spirited environment on the
    Berkeley High campus for all students, but for the 9^th graders in
    particular. You will partner with other upperclassmen to mentor and
    support a group of freshman for the entire school year. You will
    work hard, but be rewarded with the joy of knowing that YOU MADE A
    DIFFERENCE in someone’s life. Application is due May 5 and is
    available outside of the leadership office.

 5. _Small Learning Community Leadership_: Each SLC (AC, AHA, AMPS,
    BIHS, CAS, NEWCOMER, or ISP) will have student leadership
    representing their specific needs and issues. ASB leadership will
    meet monthly with SLC representatives to plan, discuss, and build up
    the community at Berkeley High. Inquire with each lead teacher.

 6. _Off-Campus Leadership:_There are also leadership opportunities at
    the YMCA Teen Center with Youth & Government as well as with Youth
    Commission for The City of Berkeley. Search for these positions
    online to find out deadlines and more about the process.


John Villavicencio
Director of Student Activities
Berkeley High School

1980 Allston Way

Berkeley, CA 94704

(510) 644 - 8990
johnvillavicencio at berkeley.net <mailto:johnvillavicencio at berkeley.net>


berkeleyschools.net/leadership/ <http://berkeleyschools.net/leadership/>



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