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Dear Students, Staff & Families,

Today was an intense day at Berkeley High School and I am so proud of our
students and teachers. Students protested peacefully today and student
leadership was palpable. Students balanced impassioned advocacy with
expressions of caring for one another.

After an extensive investigation conducted by site administrators and
technology staff, and with additional resources from the school district
and Berkeley Police Department, we were able to identify the student
responsible for writing the hateful threats on a library computer.

While we acknowledge that there is a desire for additional details, we are
bound by student privacy rights that we must respect. Therefore, all I can
share is that we are considering all available consequences for the
individual in response to the widespread hurt that these actions caused.

We will continue to make student safety our number-one priority. In
addition to students’ physical safety, we will work to ensure our school
culture is positive and inclusive as well as socially/emotionally safe. We
realize that unless kids feel safe on many levels (physical, social,
emotional, cognitive), the likelihood that they will achieve their
intellectual and creative potential is compromised.

Teachers and students, in conjunction with administration, will determine
what our next steps are related to healing the harm that has occurred in
our community.

This has been a very difficult day-and-a-half at BHS, particularly for
African American students, and I want to close by saying I am deeply proud
of and moved by our students’ advocacy and commitment to social justice. My
sense is that today’s demonstrations brought our school community closer
together and I will work with our students and staff to make sure today’s
positive momentum moves forward.

In Solidarity,

Sam Pasarow


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