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Dear Berkeley Community,

Below is a message from parents of Oxford Elementary School with a request
for support for the family of a student who is fighting for her life
against a rare and serious form of cancer. Please consider supporting this
family so their precious daughter can receive potentially life saving
treatment.  Please also share this request with your networks. Thank you!


Dear Friends,

We are reaching out to our friends in Berkeley to help a child suffering in
our community -- Martiana Dennis. Last year, Martiana celebrated the end of
elementary school at Oxford with our children but never got to celebrate
her first day of middle school at King. This summer, she was diagnosed with
an extremely rare and very serious form of cancer, angiosarcoma. There are
only 20 known cases of this form of cancer in children.

Because of its rarity, she must travel to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in
Houston for treatment - and her medical team at Oakland Children's Hospital
is currently petitioning California Children's Services (CCS) to get the
treatment in Houston paid for.

As a community of Berkeley parents, we want to help Martiana's family raise
money for all of the related expenses around her treatment - travel to
Houston for her mother, living expenses, funds to help care for her sisters
while Martiana's parents focus on her, and to provide them all some comfort
during incredibly stressful times. We hope to raise at least $10,000 in the
next few weeks before she travels to Houston.

Martiana is a strong and spirited kid who is handling her diagnosis and the
ordeal of treatment with tremendous courage. We hope you will join us in
reaching out to this family, and helping them in this time of need. Please
consider giving generously, but of course no donation is too small to make
a difference. Martiana's mom, Shauranda, and her whole family are very
grateful for any contributions and expressions of support. They have opened
up to share Martiana's story in the hope of getting her the medical help
she desperately needs, and hope that we will all share it widely.

Here is the link to the GoFundMe site Martiana's family has set up:

At the link you will find fuller details about Martiana's challenging
medical situation and the effort underway to make her healthy once again.

Please also forward this news to others in your networks, and consider
adding a message of your own to inspire others to connect and help.

With hope and gratitude,

Anna Rainer, Amy Garlin, M.D., and Kim Robinson


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