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PLEASE do not reply to this email, contact Lisa Sibony,
lisasibony at berkeley.net

Dear Volunteers,

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped last Friday during Berkeley
High's Uni-Team Day. You all showed up with great energy, put on
fluorescent green vests and went with enthusiasm where ever we asked you to
go. We are very lucky to have such a supportive community.

A big thank you to Timothy Carter, Darryl Bartlow, Mrs Wyrick, Janice
Small, Akichi McCrary, Joseph McCrary, Pilar Jacob, Arcola Moore, Kathryn
Mill, Ritchie Smith, Christine Staples, Julie Weitz, Judy Hanawalt, ReCheng
Tsang, Joanna Ward, Katie Kenny, Henni Yama, Rosa Luevano, Michael Baum,
Eva Herzer, Katie Whitty, Helise Cohn, Locke Jaeger, Karen Parenteau,
Patricia Mok, Mike Alvarez Cohen, Helena Brykarz, Joe Vega, Caryn Dickman,
Ingrid Campbell, Olivia Lee, Bonnie Lamb, Sheryl Drinkwater, Elaine Chan,
Bernhard Ludewigt Joe Vega, Sam Arriola, Cathy Blankespoor, Irmgard
Walter-Koch, Johanna Eigen, Lea Baechler Whitney Morris, Kathleen Morris,
Ronnie Cohen, Anushka Drescher Catherine Ference, Carol Niehus, Michael
Bettendorf, Cyndi Berck, Sabrina Jefferson, Teresa Aguirre, Jeffrey
Marshall, Clare Woakes, Kristi Holmes, Toni Stein, Dan Stein, Deirdre
Nurre, Bob Garrison, Neo Wright, Oscar Thompson, Deborah Thompson, Gwyneth
Galbraith, Mel Sibony, Anushka Drescher, Dawn Paxson and Dylan Kaufman.
Please forgive me if I missed anyone.


*Below is a message for you from Principal Pasarow.*

Dear Parent/Guardian Volunteers,

I wanted to express my deep gratitude to you all for coming to BHS on
Friday, October 30th. You took time out of your busy days to help us ensure
that it was a safe and as orderly a day as possible. Your presence in
hallways and on the courtyards made a big difference.

We are pleased with the outcome of Uni-Team Day and your support on this
day was a big part of our success. We will have future events, like
whole-school assemblies, and I want to replicate the volunteer approach we
took on Friday.

Thank you so much for your time and support, and GO JACKETS!

Sam Pasarow


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