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PLEASE do not reply to this email, contact  Ardarius 
McDonald,ardariusmcdonald at berkeley.net

The first meeting of the BHS Safety Committee will be this upcoming 
Tuesday, October 27 /from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m/..We will be in the H 
Building Room 104 (On Campus Intervention office).  The Safety Committee 
is a sub-committee of the School Site Council and is tasked with 
updating the School Safety Plan by March 1 of every school year. I am 
including a checklist provided by the California Department of Education 
for the requirements of a complete School Safety Plan.

To view the current Safety Plan go to bhs.berkeleyschools.net 
<http://bhs.berkeleyschools.net> and click on 
"about--committees---safety committee."

Thanks and I look forward to working with you.


Ardarius C. McDonald

Berkeley High School
African-American Studies Department, Administrator

Dean of Students

On Campus Intervention Department, Supervisor

(510) 644-6675 <tel:%28510%29%20644-6675>

ardariusmcdonald at berkeley.net <mailto:ardariusmcdonald at berkeley.net>

  California Department of Education – Revised January 2014
  Comprehensive School Safety Plan

Self-Monitoring Tool

  California /Education Code/ Sections 32280–32289

*Requirements for a Comprehensive School Safety Plan*


*Requirement Met*



 1. *Plan is written and developed by a school site council (SSC) or a
    safety planning committee. *The School Safety Planning Committee is
    comprised of: principal/designee, teacher, parent of child who
    attends the school, classified employee, and others. The SSC may
    delegate this responsibility to a school safety planning committee. **



 2. *SSC/Planning Committee consulted with a representative from a law
    enforcement agency in the writing and development of the
    Comprehensive School Safety Plan. *



 3. *The Comprehensive School Safety Plan includes, but is not limited to:*


*a.**An assessment of the current status of school crime committed on 
the school campus and at school-related functions. You may accomplish 
this by reviewing the following types of information:*


·Local law enforcement crime data**


·Suspension/Expulsion data found in the California Longitudinal Pupil 
Achievement Data System**


·Behavior Referrals**


·Attendance rates/School Attendance Review Board data**


·California Healthy Kids Survey data**


·School Improvement Plan**


·Property Damage data**


*b.**An identification of appropriate strategies and programs that 
provide/maintain a high level of school safety. *



 4. *The SSC/Planning Committee reviewed and addressed, as needed, the
    school’s procedures for complying with existing laws related to
    school safety. *



 5. The Comprehensive School Safety Plan must include all of the following:



·Child Abuse Reporting procedures



·Disaster procedures, routine and emergency, including adaptations for 
pupils with disabilities.



·Earthquake emergency procedures that include:

1.A school building disaster plan

2.A drop procedure

3.Dates/times of drop procedure drills held once each quarter in 
elementary; once each semester in secondary schools

4.Protective measures to be taken before, during, and after an earthquake

5.A program to ensure that pupils and both certificated and classified 
staff are aware of and are trained in the earthquake emergency procedure 



·Procedures to allow a public agency to use school buildings, grounds, 
and equipment for mass care and welfare shelters during an emergency 
which affects public health or welfare.



·Policies and procedures which lead to suspension and/or expulsion.



·Procedures to notify teachers of dangerous pupils.



·Policy prohibiting discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying.



·Provisions of any school site dress code, including prohibition of 
“gang-related” apparel.



·Procedures for safe ingress and egress of pupils, parents, and 
employees from school site; including access to the school campus.



·Procedures that create a safe and orderly environment conducive to 
learning at the school.



·Access to the school campus (visitors).



·The rules and procedures on school discipline.



·Crisis Response Plan.



·Hate crime reporting procedures and policies.



 6. The plan may include clear guidelines for the roles and
    responsibilities of mental health professionals, community
    intervention professionals, school counselors, school resource
    officers, and police officers on campus.



*7.*The plan may include procedures for responding to the release of a 
pesticide or other toxic substance from properties located within 
one-quarter mile of a school.



 8. The plan should include verification that the school safety plan was
    evaluated at least once a year, and revised by March 1 every year.



 9. The plan should include documentation that school safety plan was
    submitted for approval to either the district office or county
    office of education. Evidence of approval at the district or county
    level should be included.



10. The plan should include verification that the SSC/Planning Committee
    communicated the school safety plan to the public at a public
    meeting at the school site.



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