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*Reimagining GATE: Making the Vision of Advancing Learning for ALL a

Monday, October 19, 2015, 7-9p.m.
BUSD Administration Building, 2020 Bonar, Room 126 (enter Addison)
FREE and open to all.

Is it possible to create an educational system that can advance learning
for ALL? Dana Cope believes, "Yes, we can!" Dana will share her story of
how Napa Valley Unified's Advanced Learner Programs and Services was born
and how it has evolved over the past 6 years to create a common language of
how we can support the needs of the diverse learners in our classrooms.

Join parents and BUSD staff for a conversation with Dana Cope about ways we
can work together to support the needs of ALL of the students in ALL of our

Bio: Dana Cope, M.Ed., President of Cope Consulting LLC and Summit Center’s
educational consultant specializing in meeting the needs of the advanced
and/or twice-exceptional learner is an educator with 20 years experience as
a Classroom Teacher, Teacher Support Coach, and as leader of Napa Valley
Unified’s Advanced Learner Programs and Services.

Dana loves exploring new ways to make education meaningful to learners of
all ages. She knows the complexity of differentiating for the many students
who are in our classrooms, and understands that when a student is not
thriving in the classroom it can be stressful for everyone involved. Dana
believes ALL children should have the opportunity to move forward
academically and social-emotionally, as well as have the opportunity to tap
into their unique gifts and learning style, so that they are able to move
forward on life's journey.

Dana was named Napa County Educator of the Year in 2008 and most recently
earned the 2014 California Association for the Gifted Distinguished Service
award. She shares her life with her husband and their wonderfully creative,
twice-exceptional son. You can learn more about Dana at

Organized by BALSA, the Berkeley Advanced Learner Support and Advocacy
group. More info at http://berkeleyadvancedlearner.weebly.com/.


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