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Good evening and Happy End-Of-Summer!

I hope this email finds you well-rested and excited for the school year
beginning tomorrow. This is my first year as the principal of Berkeley High
School and I am so excited to meet our students, parents and guardians. I
met many parents and guardians at the August 27th Principal Meet & Greet
and am thankful for having had this opportunity. I am engaged in deep
learning at this time, in my efforts to understand our school’s storied
history and its current state. I am repeatedly impressed by the dedicated
parents, staff members and students I have been meeting and cannot wait to
see this campus in session tomorrow morning!

Thank you for your warm welcomes and I look forward to meeting you and
being of service. Following are important announcements relating to
logistics and scheduling.

School starts tomorrow at 8:27 am. Only 0 period music classes will meet on
Wednesday with all other 0 and 7th period classes starting on Thursday.
Science labs will begin on Thursday.

Students must attend all classes on their official schedule. This allows us
to take an accurate class roll and find students if there is a schedule
change. Hard copies of schedules may be picked up in front of the
counseling office or viewed on Powerschool. Counselors are busy scheduling
new students and reviewing schedule change forms and will be unavailable
for drop in appointments until this priority scheduling is complete. Go to
the counseling office if a schedule says to *“*go to D220”.

On-time and regular class attendance is critical to student success. Please
help us by encouraging on-time attendance and clearing excused student
absences within five days. Automatic calls home for missed class will take
place each evening. Information about how to clear absences is
attached. Additional
attendance information can be found on the Berkeley High website.

All students in Berkeley Unified are provided a universal free breakfast.
All they have to do is provide their ID number. Please encourage your
student to eat something at home or eat here with us before school.

Please talk with your student about treating all of their classmates with
respect and dignity. In our efforts to build a positive school culture
where all students feel safe and included, hate language and behavior will
be called out and addressed. We will work hard as a community this year to
also educate students about being upstanders instead of bystanders to
hostility and bullying. When students feel cognitively, socially and
physically safe, their learning takes off! I hope we can work as a
community to make Berkeley High School a place where all students feel like
they belong.

Other news and info:

Get Involved!: We are hopeful that parents and guardians will be interested
in serving on one of our many site governance committees. Please see the
attachment which includes contact info if you’re interested.

LCAP: Due to groundbreaking legislation, we have the opportunity to
increase the funding that all of our students receive from the state. The
legislation also recognizes the challenges of teaching low income, foster
youth and English learners and provides schools with the funding to build
programs at the local level to meet the needs of these students. The state
will grant $1,748 per student in additional funding for programs
specifically targeted to these youth. But, in order for BHS to receive the
funding that it is entitled to, everybody needs to complete a Free and
Reduced lunch form.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the application and if everybody
does it, our school stands to benefit greatly.  Parents can also fill out
the form through this website: https://secure.ezmealapp.com.

Athletics: The fall season is underway and schedules and information can be
viewed on the BHS Website
<http://bhs.berkeleyschools.net/athletics/athletics-calendar/>. More
complete information regarding teams, coaches, and tryout dates can be
found at the Berkeley Athletic Fund website.

We very much appreciate your support as we get this school year off to a
smooth start.

Go Jackets!

Sam Pasarow
Principal, Berkeley High School


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