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BHS Mountain Bike continued success qualifies them for the State
Championship in SoCal in 2 weeks!!!


The small, resilient and powerful mountain bike team continued its NorCal
league dominance after their smashing success in Race 1 nearly 2 months ago.
Despite racing with only 15 riders at each race (some teams have upwards of
60!), they continued at each race to put riders on the podium in nearly all
races entered.  Inspirational leadership this season started from all 3
Varsity riders. Sand Floren not only won Varsity Race 1, but finished the
season winning the final race of the year to place him 2nd Overall for the
season, the highest a BHS racer has ever finished! 

Juniors Nico Theunissen and  Adam Goldstein had fast seasons also, Nico
finishing on the podium several times this year and Adam making the mid
season jump from JV to Varsity and helping earn points towards valuable team


Mountain Biking is actually a co-ed sport and there are dynamic girls on the
team, Rene Warren, Yuki Nagase and Olena Gomez had success also.  Rene rode
very consistently and finished the season in 6th Overall, Yuki had a fast
start but an unfortunate fall on practice day and a wrist injury shortened
her promising start.  Freshman upstart Olena surprised all by trading in her
soccer cleats for a short time, and joined the team mid season. Her success
and finish helped the Team win 3rd place in Race #4 and showed everyone her
potential and how other athletes change sports to Mountain Bike racing
fairly easily.  Head Coach Nick Hoeper feels all three will have fantastic
seasons next year.


Sophomores Josh Kluger and Stephen O'Brian continued to progress, both
winning their 1st podium spots this season in the very competitive sophomore


Most surprising was the massive success of the 9th grade riders. Affectingly
called the 'Groms' by Coach Karl, this large group of racers continued to
dominate every race and typically occupy 5 of the top 8 spots in this very
fast and competitive division.  Wins by Roberto Cribley and multiple top 5
podium finishes by Jared Donahue and Max Barmack and top 8 finishes by
Oliver Cazden and Malcolm Duncan-Graves helped BHS secure multiple top team
finishes through the season.


BHS is famous for many things but few know that it was the FIRST High School
Mountain Bike team in the Country, formed in 1998.  But 2015 was the best
finish to date for the team and they surprised all, as they finished 3rd in
the Overall Team Category against many of the top teams in the State! BHS
did its best ever in the Overall Categories as 4 Riders got Season Trophies
for finishing near the top in their division. These difficult trophies,
gained only by top consistent finishers in all races: Sandy Floren
(2nd-Varsity), with Roberto Cribley/2nd place) Malcolm Duncan-Graves 3rd,
Jared Donahue 5th in the large and fast freshman class. Congrats to all the
riders for the smashing successful season!


Because of the massive success this season, BHS will send in 2 weeks, 11 of
its top riders to SoCal to the States Championships to do battle with the
best riders from the entire state.


Wish them luck and Go Jackets!



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