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Hello BHS Community,


We are doing another round of presentations and requests for students to
join the school wide leadership program. Please refer students who display
an interest in efforts to improve their community or have a strong interest
in planning events that bring the student body closer together. We are
seeking to have 100% representation from all five learning communities on
leadership and need your help to increase the number of candidates applying
this spring. 


If I were to shorten my pitch to a haiku, it would be:

A Voice For Students

Together, A Jacket Fam

Their Passion Sparks Change


Upcoming Events

March 6: Elected candidate applications are due. These positions include
Presidents, Vice Presidents, Chief of Service (Holiday Meal), Chief of
Publicity (announcements), School Board, School Site Council, and Berkeley
Schools Excellence Project. Applications are available in Leadership Office
or by request via email.


March 19: First annual BHS Student Summit will take place at the Teen
Center. This is a student led initiative to create a list of the top three
issues at BHS and identify potential solutions. The items from the summit
will help to create an action plan that will be presented in the fall. 


April 16: Election Convention. Social Studies classes will have the chance
to participate in an authentic experience of democracy by hearing speeches
from the candidates for school wide leadership


April 21-24: Voting Period. We will distribute ballots (possibly by
scantron) to second period classrooms for voting and announce the winners by
the end of the week. 


May 1: All other applications are due. These positions are Class Deputy,
Secretary, Treasurer, and Commissioners on the Executive Team. More
information available in the office or by email. 


May: Information will be released about Link Crew, a freshman transition
program, that will be introduced this fall. It pairs upperclassmen, Link
Leaders, with a group of freshman. This program will support all
intervention efforts and other freshman activities by creating a mentoring
system and series of monthly activities designed specifically for freshman. 


Leadership Summary

There are three leadership teams; Executive, Student Senate, and the Class
teams for each grade. The Executive and Student Senate student leaders earn
10 credits for the year, spending Monday mornings or lunches in meetings,
and plan events in their area of passion. In addition, there are possible
evening commitments such as BSEP/SSC/School Board meetings or events such as
Back to School Night. 


The Class teams meet weekly during the lunch period and earn 5 credits for
the year. In the past, they have planned dances, talent shows, lunch time
activities, among other events.


If you are a BHS teacher interested in being a supervisor of a grade level
team or just want to be a more involved staff member and/or parent, feel
free to send me a message.  


Have a great day!


John Villavicencio

Director of Student Activities

Berkeley High School

(510) 644 - 8990

johnvillavicencio at berkeley.net 



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