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*Update on Berkeley High Principal Recruitment Process*

The search process for a new Principal for Berkeley High School is now 
well underway.  Through facilitation from The Cosca Group consultants, 
David Brown and Lynne Kennedy, meetings have been held with Berkeley 
High School students, parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, and 
support staff.  Other meetings and conversations have been held with 
community members including the YMCA, Chief of Police, Berkeley 
Community College President and others.  60-70 additional surveys 
submitted by parents, teachers, and administrators were also completed 
online.  All of the responses and perspectives gleaned from those who 
participated in providing input helped the consultants develop a clear 
picture of school strengths and challenges, as well as a set of 
characteristics that a successful new principal will need to bring to BHS.

The process now involves active recruiting and advertising in state and 
national publications.  The Cosca Group includes 32 partners who 
directly participate in helping to identify and encourage potential 
candidates to consider applying for the principal-ship.  A brochure that 
provides information about the school and the community, as well a 
summary of the aforementioned strengths, challenges, and characteristics 
is now available online through The Cosca Group website, which is 
www.thecoscagroup.com <http://www.thecoscagroup.com/>  Also available on 
the website is specific information about timelines and an application 
that must be completed by each candidate.

The deadline for applications has been set for March 5.  After 
candidates have been thoroughly vetted, those selected will participate 
in initial interviews now scheduled for March 19, 2015.  Secondary 
interviews and additional reference checking will then be conducted.  It 
is hoped that a new principal can be identified well before the end of 

Dr. Brown and Dr. Kennedy are both grateful for the thoughtful comments 
and suggestions that have come from virtually all segments of the 
Berkeley High School community.  The support from parents and school 
staff has been particularly gratifying. Everyone is requested to 
consider who might be effective in this important administrative 
position.  Please encourage those you think might be able to 
significantly contribute positive leadership to BHS to contact David 
Brown or Lynne Kennedy directly, or to apply through the online 
process.  Contact information for both of the consultants is also 
available on The Cosca Group website <http://www.thecoscagroup.com>."


Mark Coplan, Public Information Officer

Berkeley Unified School District

510-644-6320 Cell: 510-472-3811


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