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PLEASE do not reply to this email, contact College and Career Center 
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College Advisors Angela Price and Skyler Barton are excited to report 
the following College Career Center Updates for the fall of 2014:

*_College Info Session for Parents/Guardians of BHS Seniors: _*

We invite all parents/guardians of BHS Seniors to join us for our annual 
College Info Session on Thursday, Oct. 2nd, at 6:30pm in the BHS 
Library. We are extremely excited by the return of clerical 
extraordinaire Mary Jacobs.  In addition, we are equally excited about 
the presence of our new Career Advisor, Kate Trimlett!

*_CCC Staff:_*

Please refer to our updated College Career Center Work Experience page 
for information about employment, internship, and volunteer 

*_Class Presentations and Senior Folders:_*

During the month of September, College Advisors conducted class 
presentations for all seniors.  In addition, to supplement the 
information that was provided during these presentations and to provide 
important references for all seniors, we have distributed college 
folders to each senior English class (seniors in AHA, AMPS, CAS & GRN 
may have received this folder in a non-English class).  Please encourage 
your student to utilize this folder and refer to it throughout the 
college application process.

*_Application Workshops:_*

We are looking forward to conducting application workshops throughout 
the months of October and November. For the first time, we are offering 
these workshops during the school day for students in ALL Learning 
Communities. In-class workshops will focus on CSU applications, but 
students will be allowed to work on UC and/or Community College 
applications or research during this time as well (if they are not 
planning on applying to CSUs). College Advisors and BHS Counselors are 
leading these workshops.  In-class workshops are being coordinated 
through AC and BIHS English teachers (one period per class), and various 
teachers in AHA, AMPS, CAS, and GRN.

In addition to the application workshops referenced above, College 
Advisors will be conducting after school workshops in late-October and 
throughout November. Schedules will be distributed soon.

*_Senior Advising Sessions:_*

Finally, College Advisors Skyler Barton and Angela Price will make 
themselves available to small groups of seniors for college-related 
advice and questions. Seniors are invited to schedule small group 
meetings with peers of their choice, in groups of 3-5.  Group sessions 
will be one full period and seniors will receive an excused absence for 
the missed class. Seniors should visit the CCC to schedule an 
appointment time. These small group meetings will replace the former 
format of shorter, one-on-one meetings with seniors. The new hour-long 
meetings will be able to more thoroughly and efficiently address the 
questions and concerns shared by seniors with similar college interests. 
Students with questions about finding an appointment time or who need a 
peer group can speak with Mary Jacobs for suggestions. Mary is in the 
CCC Tuesdays through Fridays from 8:00-1:00 (9:00-2:00 on Mondays).

In addition to the group meetings, seniors may continue to utilize 
drop-in hours (before school, during lunch, and after school) to meet 
individually with their College Advisor.

We look forward to supporting our students throughout this year as they 
move forward with post-secondary planning!


The BHS College Career Center

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