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Berkeley High School Bulletin - September 24, 2014


1. Please pick up your BART tickets in room D224 at lunch time.

2. Remember that you are not allowed to park in parking spots that are 
not designated. Parking permits must also be clearly displayed. Towing 
will begin on Monday, September 29th.


This week's College Presentations are:
Wednesday - 9/24
4th period: Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts
Thursday - 9/25
1st period: Guilford College
5th: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
6th: Wellesley College
Friday - 9/26
1st: Bowdoin College
2nd: Bennington College
3rd: University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC)


1. /Voter Registration!/ The general election is on November 4th. This 
Wednesday, September 24 the League Woman of Voters and Student 
Leadership will help register all eligible students and staff. Please 
bring a social security card, ID or driver's license as evidence of 
eligibility (18 years or older, US Citizen). Registration will take 
place on the senior steps at Lunch this Wednesday.


1. Come join Interact, a wonderful and fun /community service club!/ 
They meet every other Tuesday at the Teen Center on MLK and Center. The 
first meeting is on 9/23 at 4 PM. Check it out and bring your friends. 
Free snacks will be provided.

2. Do you want to be more politically active? Go to the /Junior 
Statesmen of America/ meeting at lunch today in Mr. Miller's room, C128. 
For more info call Leo Meier at 510-316-0532.

3. If you're interested in combating the issue of gun violence, come to 
the first /Youth Against Guns/ meeting this Thursday in room C217 
contact Alice Rossmann at alicerossmann at students.berkeley.net 
<mailto:alicerossmann at students.berkeley.net> if you have questions.


1. /Girls Golf/ will match up with Piedmont and San Leandro today at 
Tilden Park at 3:00. Boys and Girls, JV and Varsity Waterpolo will play 
Piedmont today at the BHS Pool starting at 4:00. Come out and cheer for 
the Jackets!

/Comments? Something to put in the bulletin? Email to 
//elizabethjames at berkeley.net <mailto:elizabethjames at berkeley.net>/


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