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Hello BHS Community,

Please help us spread the word about a few upcoming events in the next 
two weeks. Thank you!

*9/10:Basketball & Music *at the new outdoor courts. Come shoot hoops, 
maybe have a 3-point contest or a simple game of HORSE while we enjoy 
this new outdoor space on campus.

*9/11:**Club Fair*. Over 40 clubs will promote their causes on the 
Campus Green. Classes are encouraged to visit during 2nd or 3rd period 
for a 20-min. stroll through the event. The Club List will be publicly 
posted after this event under the student section of the BHS website.

*9/12:**Fall Sports Celebration* on the senior steps at lunch. Wear your 
throwback high school jersey or other athletic gear and join the other 
Fall season teams at a lunch time celebration.

*9/16:**Welcome Back assembly* in the BCT (Community Theater). All 
English teachers will bring their classes to the BCT on *Tuesday, Sept. 
16**- *during periods 1-6. This assembly will cover expectations, school 
policies, and other fun stuff such as the military waiver forms. This 
*assembly is very important for SENIORS!*

***9/17*: *Blood Drive* (16 year olds and over!). Sign up in the 
Leadership Office to give blood and save lives.

*9/18:**Back to School Night*. 7 - 9PM. Smaller Learning Communities may 
also hold their own events, but this is the night to welcome families 
into your classroom for 10-minute presentations. Please ask your student 
to write down their schedule for you or please access PowerSchool to 
make a copy of their schedule.

*All-Month: *Leadership Office is selling ASB stickers (Associated 
Student Body), promoting the HIVE (a student cheering section at home 
games), and recruiting Freshmen Leaders! /The Leadership Office is 
located in the cafeteria next to the counseling center./

John Villavicencio
Director of Student Activities
Berkeley High School
(510) 644 - 8990
johnvillavicencio at berkeley.net <mailto:johnvillavicencio at berkeley.net>


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