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On next Wednesday and Thursday, September 3rd and 4th, the Parent Resource
Center Staff will be taking BART ticket orders at lunchtime only in room
D-224 upstairs in the D building next to the Library. 


Students may order up to 4 tickets each. Ticket price is $16.00 for a $32.00
value ticket. The Center will only accept cash, no checks please as the BHS
Accountant will not accept them. Please if possible send the exact amount of
funds for the number of tickets you wish your child to purchase. No orders
will be taken after the late bell rings after lunch. Only students may order


At the end of the second day of orders, funds and paperwork will be mailed
to BART for processing. The agreement between BHS and BART is as follows:


After receiving ticket orders from BHS, BART has 5 to 7 working days to
return the tickets to BHS by FedEx, however tickets are usually returned to
BHS within 4 to 5 days. 


An announcement will be placed in the BHS Daily Bulletin as well as the BHS
E-tree regarding ticket pick-up. Students have two weeks to pick up tickets
after they have arrived in room D-224


An updated version of the BART ticket order dates for the school year will
follow soon


Thanks -

PRC Staff



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