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*BHS African American Studies Graduation 2014*

Deputy Superintendent Javetta Cleveland gave the welcome, Superintendent 
Donald Evans and Board Director Karen Hemphill presented the 
certificates, and the Superintendent presented the Rights of Passage. 
According to retired chair of the department Dr. Robert McKnight, this 
signified the greatest level of District participation he could recall.

Keynote speaker, actor, and BHS class of 1960 alumni Art Evans piped in 
that the Berkeley schools had really come a long way, because when he 
was a student, none of the three would have been African American, let 
alone all three. In his speech he told students that he was amazed that 
they had such resources as the African American Studies Department and 
Department Chair Naomi "Mama" Washington, and that it would have made a 
real difference if students had that kind of support back when he was a 
student. He encouraged students to make the best of the progress that's 
been made, and to make a difference in the world. A big surprise was the 
number of Art's family who attended, with two of his great nieces who 
are graduating! He will be here for their graduation at the Greek 
Theater, but did not know they would be attending this celebration.

Special guest, Student Commencement Speaker Akintunde Ahmid from Oakland 
Tech High School talked about his own journey to a 5.0 GPA and 
acceptance into all of the top colleges in the country. He told his 
fellow students, "As your principal already expressed, we live in a 
world that is far from perfect, and I'm sure all of us know that as 
black people, we're often viewed in the most negative light. We're often 
stereotyped, people pass judgement on us based on how we look, how we 
talk, but I'm here to say that in reality nobody can define you for 
yourself. You really are the person who says what you can and cannot do. 
It doesn't matter what your skin looks like, how many tattoos you have. 
None of that matters if you have inside you what it takes to strive for 
excellence, and pursue the dedication and take advantage of the 
opportunities presented to you."

There was also dance, drumming, the reception and more. See it all in 
photos of the program and of the students receiving their certificates.

BHS African American Studies Graduation 2014 Photos: 

BHS African American Studies Graduation 2014 the Certificates: 

You can download your photos from Flickr. Click the right side of your 
mouse on the photo you want to download. You will some options on the 
right side of the photo. Click on the three dots which lead to more 
options. Click on Download All Sizes. Click on "Original Size" (right 
side of mouse), then click on "Download" and save to a folder on your 

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