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PLEASE do not reply to this email, contact call 510-282-0396 or 
sklekner at youthspiritartworks.org

Youth Spirit Artworks is an innovative, youth led, Berkeley-based jobs 
training program aimed toward empowering and transforming lives through 
creating art in a safe, supportive community and getting paid. YSA is 
currently accepting participants for our Spring and Summer 2014 programs 
which run from now until June 13th and June 16th until August.

YSA is open M-F 330 to 630pm and Sat. Noon to 3pm. Youth come after 
school and choose 3 days each week to participate for a total of 10 
hours a week. They can choose from either MWF 330pm to 630pm or TTHF 
330pm to 630pm. All participants receive 50 percent of the proceeds of 
everything they make and sell as part of YSA. Beginners get paid a $75 
stipend per month for participating. YSA is a peer-led organization, 
youth are allowed and encouraged to participate fully in all decisions 
of the YSA community. Youth are able and encouraged to gain increasing 
amounts of leadership and responsibility within YSA.

To qualify for YSA's stipend 10 hr per week program, participants need 
to be living at or below poverty level.

Youth can download the application online at www.youthspiritartworks.org 
<http://www.youthspiritartworks.org/> or apply in person at our art 
studio at 1740 Alcatraz Avenue near Adeline in S. Berkeley.

For info call 510-282-0396 <tel:510-282-0396> or visit our website.

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