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*Two Berkeley Principals Appointed as Directors in Educational Services*


Berkeley, CA -- Berkeley School Board President Josh Daniels announced 
tonight that two BUSD principals will be moving into the District Office 
to fill two exciting new Directors positions in the Educational Services 
Division. Longfellow Principal Pat Saddler will be the Director of 
Special Projects and Programs, and Jefferson Principal Maggie Riddle 
will be the Director of Schools. Both will report to BUSD's new 
Assistant Superintendent, Pasquale Scuderi, who is moving over to the 
District from Berkeley High where he's been principal for the past four 

Pat Saddler came to Berkeley in 1999 as LeConte Elementary School 
Principal until she was asked to take the helm at Rosa Parks Elementary 
School in 2005. At Rosa Parks she established an API score for a school 
that had not historically participated in California Standards Testing 
(CST), and gained 36 points over a three year period. In 2008 Saddler 
moved up to secondary, when she became principal at Longfellow Middle 
School, her current assignment.

Maggie Riddle began her teaching career in 1993, and joined the 
Jefferson Elementary School staff in 1996. She remained in the classroom 
until 2007, when she was named principal, a role she has excelled in 
over the past seven years.

"I believe that we have some real movers and shakers in the organization 
already, so I'm glad for the opportunity to promote from within. I'm 
looking forward to seeing the work of these two in their new roles in 
the years ahead. We have a lot of work before us, and these steps are 
only making our team stronger," said Dr. Donald Evans, Superintendent.

In her new role as Director of Special Projects and Programs, Pat will 
be directing, coordinating and monitoring the implementation of federal, 
state and District requirements related to educational planning and 
accountability. This will include directing processes to ensure quality, 
compliance and accountability of all programs outlined in the Single 
Plans for Student Achievement and Local Control and Accountability Plan.

Maggie Riddle will be our new Director of Schools, and she will be 
supporting preschool through eighth grade principals with strategic 
instructional leadership, sound operational management, and authentic 
family and community engagement for the purpose of meeting annual 
targets for school climate, student achievement, and closing the 
achievement gap.

Mark Coplan, Public Information Officer

Berkeley Unified School District

510-644-6320 Cell: 510-472-3811


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