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Dear BHS Families:

One week after our annual report to the Board of Education on Berkeley 
High School, we have received extremely positive news regarding our 
graduation rates, and preliminarily we can report that for the 2012-2013 
school year we have collectively generated one of the 
highest graduation rates in the history of our school; in addition, we 
have raised graduation rates for African-American students, Latino 
students, English Language Learners, and students with disabilities. The 
district office will release the precise numbers in the coming days.

We have raised attendance rates across the school, assessed our 
students' academic writing abilities on an unprecedented scale, dropped 
suspension rates, steadily grown our academic performance index over the 
last four years, and strengthened teaching capacity as well as developed 
coherent instructional language across our vast and diverse faculty.

While there are still many proverbial rivers to cross, our work has 
moved us in the right direction.

This work will continue as a core group of administrators, teachers, 
counselors, and classified staff continues to expand their contributions 
to the improving outcomes we have engineered together for our students.

As this work continues, I write tonight to inform you that my role in 
that work will be shifting in the fall.

At the close of this school year, I will be given the tremendous 
opportunity to join Superintendent Evans' cabinet and to expand my 
leadership role in public education by assuming the post of Assistant 
Superintendent for the Berkeley Unified School District.

Superintendent Evans' vision of a world-class education system is one 
that I believe in deeply, and one that I am eager to support at the 
district level working on strategies, systems, curriculum, and 
instruction. I will continue to support the effective work BUSD is doing 
now and will work to develop even stronger connectivity and creativity 
in pursuit of that vision from pre-K through high school.

An absolute priority for me will be to continue to support the 
leadership and learning outcomes at BHS and to ensure that our upward 
trajectory continues.

I care deeply about the kids, the families, and the staff at BHS; it has 
thus far been the centerpiece of my career. That concern will 
remain, and these new developments represent an opportunity for me to 
grow as an individual professionally while also staying very much 
connected to the professional family and community that have prepared me 
for my next endeavor.

We have another few months to get through the home stretch of another 
school year and yet another class to graduate. During that time I will 
be as immersed in my work as I have been over the past four years and 
will communicate openly about relevant details regarding the transition.

As always, I offer you sincere thanks for the opportunity to work with 
your kids and look forward to continuing that work from a new platform 
this fall.


Pasquale Scuderi


Berkeley High School

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