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What an amazing volunteer community we have at Berkeley High!


Thank you to the great number of February CAHSEE volunteers who were there
to help close to 800 of our sophomore class with the mandatory California
High School Exit Exam. First you helped organize and label all the
exam-answer sheets, then over the course of the two days welcomed the
students, checked IDs, handed out answer sheets, distributed pencils & test
booklets, checked in answer sheets and helped the counselors organize and
pack everything up. Seeing the 10 of you standing outside the BHS front
doors at 7:15 in the morning was a tremendous sight.  The rest of you showed
up when you said you would, and helped wherever we asked you to until the
exams were packed up.  


THANK YOU Elaine Chen, Lucy Kuntz, Tomi Kobara, Erica Siskind, Amelie Mel de
Fontenay, Kelly Keller, Blanca Manriquez, Nancy Rader, Cate Leger, CJ
Johansen, Edith Friedman, Lynn Haug, Wendy Kiniris, Terry Betts, Revital
Gilad, Lynnda Ohama, CJ Johansen, Gaby Giacchino, Laurie Tezza, Afsaneh
Khalil, Diana Press, Johanna Kelkile, John Losito, Tricia Kerr, Nancy
Humphrey, Rona Teitelman, Suzanne Teran, Andromache Fargeix, Erica Varize,
Jen Scott, Valerie Zylla, Alex Chiappetta, Sherry -- Xiaoye S. Li, Jian
Zhang, Silke Maurer, and Heather Halprin .  I think I have all of you...my
apologies to those whose names I missed.  


Later in February at the Winter Info Night -- thank you to Catherine Betts,
Marguerite Fa-Kaji, Annetta Harris, Fanny Labadie, Rebecca Herman, Wiz
Wells, and Jen Villeneuve for welcoming and distributing information to the
Class of 2018 and their families. At the new-to-BUSD registration mornings,
thanks to Elizabeth Tolero and Lisa Gessow.  Volunteers also showed up to
usher at the two Holocaust speaker events... I am sorry I don't have
everyone's names.


In March, we had help with the important Constructed Response project, the
4th CAHSEE (a make up for sophomores, juniors & seniors) and the All-School
Mailing (a complicated combination of transcripts, course requests,
graduation requirements and more). Thank you very much Laurie Tezza,
Caroline Bettendorf, CJ Johansen, Sean Gallagher, Johanna Kelkile, Dawn
Trygstad, Paula Chertok, Burr Tyler, Beth Gerstein and Julie Weitz. 


We are a very fortunate community, thank you most sincerely, one and all.


Lisa Sibony

Outreach and Volunteers

Berkeley High School



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