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College and Career Center Hours:  Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


College Advisor:  Angela Price  <mailto:angelaprice at berkeley.net>
angelaprice at berkeley.net


College Advisor:  Skyler Barton  <mailto:skylerbarton at berkeley.net>
skylerbarton at berkeley.net


*New or updated information.


SAT Word of the Week: Bane - a destructive or harmful thing.


FINANCIAL AID:  Seniors who have not yet completed the FAFSA or Dream
Application can see College Advisors as soon as possible for support with
this process.  Although the priority filing deadline was March 2nd, we will
continue to support seniors with this process.  


* Humboldt State University Applicants: This year HSU has received a record
72 applications from Berkeley High School! With such an impressive applicant
pool, Stacie Lyans, Assistant Director of Admissions at Humboldt State
University, would like to meet with applicants this Friday, March 14 at
9:30am in the College/Career Center to go over "next steps."


* Laney College is hosting a Career and Technical Education Open House on
Saturday, April 26th from 10 am to 3 pm - Participating departments include
machine and wood technology, carpentry, architecture/engineering, graphic
arts, photography, biomanufacturing, cosmetology, environmental control
technology, electricity, culinary arts, welding, green jobs and media
communications. There will be open shops, demos, raffles and lunch.


*UC Irvine Open House: Come to Celebrate UCI on Saturday April 12, 2014.
Most events begin at 10:00 a.m.! This spring event features an outdoor
Festival, Open House and Car Show. Wayzgoose, UCI's oldest tradition, is a
student run festival in Aldrich Park - filled with live entertainment, food,
games, and rides for UCI and the community.   For more information, visit:
www.celebrate.uci.edu <http://www.celebrate.uci.edu/>   




1. Seniors who have applied to CSU East Bay: Official Transcripts are due to
the CSU East Bay Office of Admissions by March 15th!  Failure to submit the
transcript on time will result in an incomplete application. If you have not
yet submitted your official transcript, please complete the transcript
request form and submit it to our Registrar's Office, D-173, with a stamped
and addressed envelope (ASAP).


2. Seniors applying to Community Colleges: Most community college
applications are now open for the fall 2014 semester.  Please come to the
CCC for support with applications and registering for assessment tests!  


3. Transcripts:  As we enter our spring semester, many colleges will be
requesting official transcripts, also referred to as "midyear reports".
Please view the instructions below, and note that all CSUs have different
deadlines.  It is important for seniors to check their college accounts and
portals regularly. 


Completing forms for schools that are NOT on the Common App:


Submit the following forms to the Registrar in room D173:


- A signed transcript request form for each college.  If you are under 18,
your parent or guardian must sign it.


- Clip each transcript request form to a stamped business-size envelope
addressed to the college with Berkeley High School as the return address.
Clip all forms and envelopes together.


Remember, CSU's and UC's do not require letters of recommendation for
admission purposes.  CSU's usually request transcripts, but they do so
individually and they do not all have the same deadlines.  UC's will
traditionally request official transcripts in the spring, from students who
are accepted to their university.  It is important to check your email and
college accounts frequently.


Sending Mid-Year Grade Reports for schools on the Common App:  For schools
on the Common App, your counselor who you have identified to provide a
Secondary School Report will also upload your mid-year report (transcript)
online.  For non-Common App schools that require mid-year reports, you must
submit a transcript request form with a stamped and addressed envelope to
our Registrar's Office, D-173.  Please check all of your accounts and school
websites for requirements and deadlines.  We recommend that you check all of
your accounts and school portals at least once per week for updates.


colleges/universities, check your e-mail accounts frequently.  You will
likely receive contact from the colleges you have applied to, traditionally
providing instructions and information to set up your account with the
particular school you have applied to.  These accounts, often referred to as
portals, will be your main line of communication with each particular
college/university.  We recommend checking for updates frequently!


5. CSU PLACEMENT TESTS: CSU requires you to take the English Placement Test
(EPT) and the Entry-Level Mathematics Test (ELM) before you enroll. Your
scores are not used for admission purposes, but they do determine which math
and English courses you should take to begin your career at CSU.  Most
students will have to take the exam, but there are some circumstances under
which you may be exempt. Seniors: If you are planning on attending a CSU, we
encourage you to take care of this requirement (Placement Tests) early in
the spring. By completing this process early, you will not have to worry
about missing any deadlines for this requirement. Free online preparation
for these exams is available at https://www.ets.org/csu/about/ 


You may take the EPT, ELM or both at a campus near you or where you plan to


REGISTRATION: Register for the Tests on the web at www.ets.org/csu


6. Advising Appointments for Seniors:  Seniors may drop in any day before
school, at lunch, or after 6th period without an appointment to have
questions answered.  Seniors applying to community college(s) can see your
college advisor to schedule an appointment.   


College Advisor assignments:  Ms. Price - BIHS and AC students with last
names L-Z.

Mr. Barton - AHA, AMPS, CAS, GRN and AC students with last names A-K.


7. Seniors who are applying to colleges that are not on the Common
Application: please review this message for document submission guidelines


- Download the required form (Secondary School Report) from the college


- Complete a "Transcript Request Form" (available from the BHS Registrar's
Office in D173) and sign it.  If you are under 18, the parent or guardian
must sign.


- Paper-clip the Transcript Request Form and the college's form to a large
manila envelope addressed to the college, with the Berkeley High School
address as the return address.  Put on $1.38 in postage (that is the large
envelope 3 oz. rate).


- Turn in all the large manila envelopes to the College and Career Center
ASAP for those applying Early Decision/Early Action (the original deadline
to turn these in was Oct. 1) and by November 1 for those applying regular
admission.  Attach the College Application Checklist (available at the
College and Career Center or in your senior folder) to the front of the


member institutions for a one-time fee of $35. For information and to view
the online application, please visit - www.eduinconline.com


9. SENIOR GRADES COUNT!  Whether you are applying to a private
college/university, CSU, UC, or out of state public school, senior year
grades count!  While you may be admitted to a college in the winter or early
in the spring, this is traditionally a preliminary or "conditional"
admittance pending receipt of your official senior year grades.




*1.Class Presentations: College Advisors have been facilitating class
presentations to all juniors throughout the first week of March, and will
continue with presentations during this week (March 10-14).  All juniors
will receive a folder with important information detailing the college
planning process.  


2. Individual Appointments with College Advisors: Juniors can now sign up
for an individual appointment with Mr. Barton (AHA, AMPS, CAS, GRN, AC -
last names A-K) and Ms. Price (BIHS and AC - last names L-Z).  Sign-up forms
are located near the front desk in the College Career Center.


3. SAVE THE DATE:  Sunday, May 4, 2014

Where: Berkeley High School

What: BHS 3rd Annual COLLEGE FAIR and 2nd Annual CASE STUDIES Event

Who:  Exclusive to BHS Juniors and Parents/Guardians


COLLEGE FAIR - Enjoy an opportunity to meet and chat with college admissions
officers and representatives from over 60 colleges/universities.  More
details coming soon (including time of day).


CASE STUDIES - The Case Studies Workshop will group students and parents
with college admissions officers to discuss what colleges look for when
admitting students. Learn how college admissions representatives analyze
mock applications and make their decisions.  Students and parents/guardians
may RSVP at http://bhs.berkeleyschools.net/fairworkshop/ Students also
received RSVP forms in their junior folders.


4. QuestBridge College Prep Scholarship:   QuestBridge's College Prep
Scholarship is designed to distinguish qualified high school juniors as
potential candidates for admission to top colleges, and provides resources
to help them get there. The QuestBridge College Prep Scholarship is designed
for high school juniors who have shown outstanding academic ability despite
facing economic challenges. Most College Prep Scholars come from households
earning less than $60,000 annually and have experienced long-term economic
hardship. For more information, visit www.questbridge.org
<http://www.questbridge.org/> . Applications are due March 26, 2014. 


*5. STUDENTS RISING ABOVE - For Current Juniors, C/O 2015: Students Rising
Above is looking for high school juniors who have demonstrated strength of
character in the face of challenging odds, and dream of a college education.
Selected students come from low-income households and are rising above
tremendous difficulties and succeeding in school and in life despite their
circumstances at home.  These difficulties include poverty, neglect,
violence, addiction and homelessness. Applicants are required to have a 3.0
GPA, and applications are due on April 4, 2014.  For more information,
please visit


*Juniors who wish to hear more about the Students Rising Above Scholarship
can attend an information session this Thursday, March 13th, during the
lunch period in the College Career Center.



SAT and ACT registration procedures - Photos required during registration!


ACT (Register at  <http://www.ACT.org/> www.ACT.org) - Check website for
complete listing of test dates.

ACT Test Dates:       Registration Deadline                      Late
Registration Period

April 12                         March 7
March 8-21

June 14                        May 9
May 10-23


SAT (Register at  <http://www.collegeboard.org/> www.collegeboard.org) -
Check website for complete listing of test dates.

SAT Test Dates:       Registration Deadline

May 3                                      April 4

June 7                                     May 9


FREE SAT PREP COURSES:  *The course at BHS is now full.  Students may still
register for Saturday or Sunday courses with PTPS (see website below).  

People's Test Prep Services (PTPS) is offering FREE SAT prep courses at UC
Berkeley on Saturdays and Sundays.  For more information and to register for
a course, please visit <http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~ptps/>




Berkeley City College PERSIST to College Program: Applications for the BCC
PERSIST program are now available, and representatives from the PERSIST
program will be presenting the details for interested students this
Thursday, March 13th, during lunch in the College Career Center.  Berkeley
City College will be in the BHS College and Career Center to present a new
opportunity for Independent Study and Berkeley High incoming junior and
senior students to attend BCC part time next year.  Students who commit to
the Persist to College program, will take up to two classes per semester and
earn both college and high school credit.  This year's 10th and 11th graders
who are interested in learning more about this program should come to the
College/Career Center and speak with Mr. Barton.




PRACTICE ACT: We are extremely fortunate to offer a FREE practice ACT to ALL
sophomores this year!  Tenth graders will come to school early on April 23rd
and test through the morning.  More information will follow in a separate
Etree announcement this week. The test is currently scheduled to take place
in the Jacket Gym and Donahue Gym, with a start time of 8:00am.  


Since 2012, more students have taken the ACT than the SAT, and we are
administering this practice ACT in an effort to increase overall awareness
of this test as a viable option.  It is also our hope that taking a full
practice ACT (excluding the writing portion) will benefit students in their
preparation for college entrance exams.  While there are differences in the
exams (SAT versus ACT) colleges and universities do not prefer one over the




College Athletics Recruiting Presentation - March 19, 6-8 pm:  Berkeley High
Athletics is hosting a COLLEGE SPORTS RECRUITING EVENT.  Getting noticed by
college coaches can be a challenging and frustrating process for a high
school student athlete.  We want to help you understand the ins and outs of
what to expect as you, the athlete and parent, try to get recruited.  


Jennifer "JT" Thomas, the college counselor at Maybeck High School and
former Division I Cal Women's Soccer coach is coming to share, inside and
out, what you can do to best position yourself to pursue playing college
sports.  Topics of the presentation include:

1) how to choose the most appropriate level

2) rules that recruiters must follow

3) how to put yourself out there

4) what to expect during the process


Please join us on Wednesday, March 19th 6-8pm in the Berkeley High Library
for a presentation followed by a Q&A session.


CAREER LOCKER:  Do you want to explore career opportunities and possible
majors for college?  Career Locker is a web-based program purchased for
Berkeley High School students for career and college exploration.  Students
can use Career Locker from any location that can access the internet.  This
program includes assessment tests, occupation and education search tools,
and practice questions for test preparation.  For information on how to set
up your Career Locker account, please see Ms. Price or Mr. Barton in the
College and Career Center.




BERKELEY COMMUNITY FUND SCHOLARSHIP - The Community Fund provides 4-year
scholarships and mentoring support for academically talented and resilient
Berkeley High School students.  Seniors interested in applying can visit


offers 4-year scholarships to deserving students who otherwise might not be
able to attend college. The program is based on need, as well as scholastic
ability, community involvement and potential.  The application must be
received by Berkeley Rotary by April 15, 2014.  Hard copies of the
application are available in the College and Career Center. 


*The Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. Scholarship:  This scholarship is
offered to deserving female African American high school seniors pursuing a
college degree.  All application materials need to reach Gamma Nu by March
15, 2014.  Please visit iotasf.org for more information.


*Zonta International - Young Women in Public Affairs Awards: Encouraging
young women to participate in public affairs by recognizing a commitment to
the volunteer sector, evidence of leadership achievements and a dedication
to the advancement of the status of women.  Applications are available in
the College Career Center and at www.zonta.org  Deadline to apply is March
15, 2014. 


Berkeley Bay Area Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority,
Incorporated - is offering college scholarships to high school seniors in
Alameda County. The scholarship is open to all students; however, African
American students are the primary focus.  Consideration will be given to
GPA, leadership ability, and potential for success, financial need, and
demonstrated commitment to community/school service.  Applications are due
to the Scholarship Committee by April 1, 2014. Applications are available in
the College and Career Center.


Elena Castaneda Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship was created to honor
Berkeley educator and social justice advocate Elena Castaneda. Elena was
particularly committed to assisting young people who spoke English as their
second language in obtaining a quality education. This scholarship is given
annually to a Berkeley High School student whose first language was Spanish
and who has worked to learn English and complete the course work necessary
to be admitted to a four-year college or university. This scholarship is
also intended for those attending two-year colleges.


*Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority - Anita Baskervill-Harris Scholarship Award: The
Xi Gamma Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. will be awarding
scholarships ranging from $500-$2,000, to outstanding African American high
school seniors.  The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of
scholarship achievement and financial need. Applications are available in
the College Career Center, and are due by March 15, 2014. 


*Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated Sigma Iota Chapter, Oakland -
Scholarship:  This scholarship offers financial support to African-American
seniors who plan to continue their education at a four-year university.
Applications are available in the College Career Center, and the deadline is
April 1, 2014.  


Cabrillo Civic Clubs of California Scholarship:  Application requirements
include being a student of Portuguese descent on father's or mother's side,
be a US citizen or permanent resident, maintained a 3.5 GPA in high school
and be a graduating senior, meet all requirements for an accredited
university or college, participated in at least three extra-curricular
activities while in high school. Students are required to complete the
application process no later than March 15, 2014. Applications are available
in the College and Career Center.


2014 Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Community Service
Scholarship: This scholarship program is for graduating seniors of Japanese
descent in Northern California.  Applicants must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA
and actively involved in the community.  Applications are due by Monday,
March 17, 2014.  Applications are available in the College and Career


*Beach Blanket Babylon Scholarship for the Arts:  this scholarship is based
entirely on talent; grades and financial need are not factors.  The three
categories include: voice, acting or dance. One winner for each category
will be presented with a check for $10,000 towards higher education.  Entry
forms and guidelines on the "scholarship" are available at


The Italian Catholic Federation is a National Roman Catholic Fraternal
Organization composed of persons of Italian ancestry (including their
non-Italian spouses) who are of the Roman Catholic Faith.  One of the many
programs of the Federation is to offer college scholarships to further the
education of students who achieve a total cumulative GPA of at least 3.2 and
meet all of the requirements listed in the scholarship application. For more
information, please visit www.icf.org <http://www.icf.org/>   


E4FC - Educators for Fair Consideration - www.e4fc.org
<http://www.e4fc.org/> :  Visit this site for a listing of local, regional,
and national scholarships available for Bay Area immigrant students.


AnimationCareerReview.com is offering the 3rd annual "Aspiring Animation
Professional" Scholarship Program, offering high school seniors the
opportunity to win a $1,000 scholarship.  This will be awarded to students
that are interested in pursuing an animation career path at an accredited
post-secondary school or college. Please visit
tion-professional-scholarship-program to find eligibility information along
with the online application. 




*Epic Summer Camp - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo - College of Engineering:  Are
you interested in building a rocket, growing blood vessels, creating an
Android phone app, or developing a solar car?  At EPIC, students explore the
world of engineering in hands-on labs that introduce you to the many
different fields of engineering. Visit EPIC.CALPOLY.EDU for complete
details. Applications are available Feb. 1-April 15. 


California College of The Arts PRE-COLLEGE:  The pre-college program is held
on CCA's four-acre Oakland Campus. Eligible students have just completed
grade 10, 11 or 12.  Student can earn 3 units of college credit. For
information and an application, visit cca.edu/precollege 


USC Summer Programs:  Offers students a preview of "freshman year" through
its college experience, offering 4 and 2 week courses in a variety of
subjects.  For more information please visit summer.usc.edu


The University of British Columbia Summer Scholars Program: Eligible
students must be entering one of their final two years of high school (16-18
years of age) and in good academic standing. Applications close May 15,
2014, and limited space is available. For more information, please visit


Santa Clara University Summer Engineering Seminar:  The program introduces
participants to the engineering profession, the academic expectations of
college, and university life.  Application deadline is March 13, 2014, at
5:00pm.  For more information, please visit


Colorado College Summer Session Pre-College Program:  Earn college credit
and find out if Colorado College and the Block Plan are right for you.  For
more information and application materials, visit the website at


Oxford  Royale Academy: Summer course offerings for July and August 2014.
Please visit www.oxford-royale.co.uk 


University of Notre Dame Pre-College Programs:  The office of Pre-College
Programs offers students the opportunity to experience the life of Notre
Dame college students.  To view the list of opportunities offered for the
2014 Summer Scholars Program, 2014 Leadership Seminars, and the 2014 Study
Abroad (Rome, Italy), please visit precollege.nd.edu   


Washington University in St. Louis Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
Summer Pre-College Programs:  Are you passionate about art or architecture?
Have you considered a career as an architect, artist, or designer? These
Pre-College Programs - Architecture Discovery Program and Portfolio Plus
Program - give high school students the opportunity to develop skills that
are fundamental to these fields while producing work in a real studio under
the guidance of WUSTL faculty.  Samfoxschool.wustl.edu/precollege   


High School Summer Scholars Program - Washington University in St. Louis:
Explore Careers and majors in medicine, writing, engineering, leadership,
and more.  For more information and application materials, visit:


The 2014 Summer Academy at St. John's College - The Summer Academy at St.
John's College offers rising high school juniors and seniors the experience
of a lifetime - self-discovery, friendship, and intellectual growth.  One
week sessions are held at east and west campuses in Annapolis, Maryland and
Santa Fe, New Mexico. For more information, please visit:
www.stjohnscollege.edu <http://www.stjohnscollege.edu/> 


ADVENTURES OF THE MIND - Astronomical Opportunities for 200 Talented Teens:
Blasting off from Occidental College, June 15, 2014.  Meet with talented
faculty, take exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab
and The Autry, tour the campuses of Los Angeles' stellar universities, and
explore your future during sessions on leadership, creativity, goal-setting,
entrepreneurship, money matters, and college/career paths.  For
applications, please visit www.adventuresofthemind.org



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