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Dear Community,


Please take note of the dates below. For more information about the small
Learning Communities & Cultural Graduations/Celebrations (*), please seek
more info from your student or leaders of your student's programs.



March 31 -  April 4 -- Spring Break 


April 16, 2:30 pm - Senior Class Informational Meeting in Community Theater.


April 19, 8:00 pm -12 am- Senior Prom - California Academy of Science, San


June 2 - CAS* Graduation at Freight and Salvage, 5:00 pm


May 30 - BIHS* Graduation. After school, on the BHS campus  


May 31 - Asian Celebration* - Noon - 3:00 pm at the Berkeley Methodist
United Church


May 31- AFAM Studies Graduation*  2:00 - 4:00 pm Community Theater


June 3 - AHA Graduation* - 6-8:30 pm at Freight and Salvage        


June 4 - AC Graduation *  


June 5 - AMPS* Senior Celebration at Berkeley Community College    


June 7 - Chicano Latino* Celebration at St. Ambrose Church


June 7 - Green Academy* Graduation in the BHS Little Theater


Friday, June 13  Graduation and Last Day of School


August 2014 

Monday, Aug. 18 -- SENIORS -- Registration/Schedule Pick-up

Tuesday, Aug.19  -- JUNIORS --  Registration/Schedule Pick-up

Wednesday, Aug. 20 -- SOPHOMORES -- Registration/Schedule Pick-up

Thursday, Aug. 21 -- FRESHMEN -- Orientation, Registration/Schedule Pick-up

Friday, Aug. 22 -- Make-up Registration/Schedule Pick-up


Wednesday, August 27 -- First Day of School




Lisa Sibony

Outreach and Volunteers

Berkeley High School



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