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Hello BHS Community:

In the next five weeks there will be a tremendous variety of activities 
and service opportunities available to the BHS community. Please take a 
minute or two to become familiar with the calendar of events.


  * *SERVICE FAIR -* WED 3/5 for 2nd & 3rd period. Campus Green. Student
    clubs and organizations present information about their work and
    extend invitations to join them.
  * *PB&J Plan* - FRI 3/7 @ 3:30pm. Leadership Office. Students create
    goodie bags to distribute to people out in the community.
  * *LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN - *FRI 3/14 @ 3:30pm. L. Office. Students
    write letters to politicians and/or government organizations about
    issues of their own interest.
  * *TOILETRY KIT MAKING* - FRI 3/21 @3:30pm. L. Office. Students put
    together packages of toiletries and distribute them to local shelters.
  * *CESAR CHAVEZ DAY OF SERVICE -* SAT 3/29. Look out for events in the
    local newspapers...


  * *JACKET JAM -* FRI 3/7 @7PM*.* BCT. Concert for student band's
    featuring Callaghan, Black Bones, the Blondies, and Farro Street.
    Tickets available starting next week! Purchase at Leadership Office.
  * *TALENT SHOW AUDITIONS *- SIGN UP @ L. Office. Auditions for comedy,
    circus acts, singers, dancers, bands, etc. are MAR 4,5,6. The actual
    event is April 11.
  * *PROM TICKET SALES* begin MAR 17 at lunch. Senior Steps. Students
    with 30 period absences or less can but a ticket. Guest Passes
    available. All questions should be addressed by L. Office or Senior
    Leadership. Senior Prom is April 19 at CA Academy of Sciences. .

*LEADERSHIP APPLICATIONS are open MARCH 3*. This is for Class Leadership 
teams as well as School Board Rep, BSEP & SSC Rep, as well as ASB 
President and Commissioner positions.

Support the *ARTS, MUSIC, & ATHLETIC* departments and the various events 
happening throughout the spring. Varsity Soccer is advancing in the 
playoffs and the Varsity basketball teams are also poised to do so.


John Villavicencio
Director of Student Activities
Berkeley High School
(510) 644 - 8990
johnvillavicencio at berkeley.net <mailto:johnvillavicencio at berkeley.net>


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