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Dear Parents and BHS Community Members,


Thank you for your support with the BHS Staff Appreciation Lunch on Fri Jan
24. We really appreciate the generosity of the parents who are donating
funds as well as prepared food to make this event really special. If you are
considering a contribution of a prepared dish, we will still accept the
following items: 


. Meat/Vegetarian-Protein Dishes

. Pasta/Rice Dishes

. Salads with and without nuts/meat

. Desserts with and without nuts

. Beverages such as sparkling drinks, coffee beans or tea bags, etc.

. Other traditional dishes / drinks that do not fit into above categories

. Prizes such as gift cards, bottles of wine, etc.


We are inviting all teachers, classified staff, and other school employees
to attend this event on Friday, January 24 for great conversation, laughter,
and a wonderful meal. We are hoping that you will help Leadership
demonstrate the appreciation we all have for those that educate the leaders
of tomorrow. 



Any non-perishable items or prepared dishes can be delivered to Berkeley
High School Leadership Office on Friday January 24 after 10:00 am to the
Leadership Office in the main building. Please place your name on a piece of
tape if you need the container back after the event. You could pick it up
after 3:00 pm or on Tuesday Jan 28.



We will probably need 3-4 parents to help monitor the tables, warm food, and
other tasks. Leadership students will also be helping out...



... are accepted as cash in the Leadership Office (make sure it gets to Mr.
Villavicencio) or as checks written to "BHS Student Activities" with "Staff
Lunch" in the memo line.  These donations are tax deductible and a letter of
receipt with the school tax ID number will be given upon request.  They can
be mailed to:


Berkeley High School

ATTN: John Villavicencio

1980 Allston Way

Berkeley, CA  94704


Thank you for any contribution that helps to make this event a success. 


John Villavicencio 

johnvillavicencio at berkeley.net  




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