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Our monthly meeting will be next Monday at 7:00 PM in the BHS Library. 
Please come and help us move the BAF agenda and activities.  A lot is 
going on.

1. Our fundraising campaign for the fall is in full swing. If you 
haven't sent in your contribution, please do so today.

2. We are planning a number of other fundraisers -- an evening of 
billiards and sociability at /Thallasia/ March 5, 6:30-8:30 PM, 2367 
Shattuck Ave. and  our annual Golf Classic in Tilden Park on May 2 (mark 
your calendars!) *We need volunteers to work on the Golf Classic.*

3. A lot is going on in terms of finding more resources for sports, 
fitness and PE at BHS and in the District as a whole.  In late October, 
the State of California published alarming fitness test results for 
Berkeley High ninth-graders  Only 20% of the kids tested scored fit in 
all five measures.

However, the sample consisted  only of 247 kids out of a class of about 
800! Those 247 were all the Freshmen enrolled in PE. These numbers have 
shaken a lot of people up, and possible change is in the wind!

We are also expecting the School Board to hold a Study Session on our 
issues some time in the next few months. This will be an unprecedented 
opportunity to give voice to the need to dramatic reform in the way we 
fund our programs in the Berkeley.

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