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This year's World AIDS Day Assembly is *Thursday, December 5*and will 
focus on Women and AIDS/HIV. We need eight volunteers to help out 
starting at 9 a.m. and finishing at 11:40, to welcome students into the 
theater, to briefly pick up papers, coats, etc. left after the 
performances, and to model good audience behavior (no cell phones, lots 
of applause, etc).  Volunteers will not discipline students--there will 
be plenty of teachers and staff available.

Mr. Alan Miller is in charge of the event. He is working with the BHS 
Health Center Staff to plan an event that focuses on the impact of 
AIDS/HIV on women. Last year's World AIDS Day events were quite 
successful.  We expect this one to be as well.

Professional Performer: Cassandra Steptoe, who has worked with Rhodessa 
Jones' /Medea Project /and has appeared in a documentary about the 
program, which helps women in prison tell their stories and create 
monologues and perform as a part of the healing process.

Speaker: Piper, a former BHS student who was first diagnosed as HIV + by 
the BHS Health Center.

There will be a Student Performance as well.

If you are available to usher at this special event from 9:00 - 11:40, 
please let me know at lisasibony at berkeley.net 
<mailto:lisasibony at berkeley.net>




Lisa Sibony

Outreach and Volunteers

Berkeley High School

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