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PLEASE do not reply to this email, contact Lisa Sibony, 
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Dear Community,

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities at Berkeley High this 
month. Please let me know if you are able to help with any of the 
projects below.

*1. Starting Now *-- Need 2 or more people, time is flexible - working 
in the front desk area. Entering data on a spread sheet, working at a 
computer in the front desk area.  Not a difficult project, should take a 
few hours, can be done by more than one person, any time during the 
school day.   As soon as possible.

*2. Wednesday, Oct. 16 or Thursday, Oct. 17  -- *need 2 or more people, 
working in the main admin building, actual time during the school day 
when this project could be done is flexible. */Two or more people 
working together would be great at this! / *

Teacher Tamara Friedman writes:

We need volunteers to support us in our implementation of Constructed 
Response (CR). *CR *is Berkeley High School's way, on a school-wide 
level, of providing students with an opportunity to do this kind of 
reading and writing on a regular basis. CR will also give BHS an 
essential benchmark letting us know how effective we're being in 
imparting this essential skill. As part of this effort all 9th, 10th and 
11th grade students will be writing persuasive essays 3 times throughout 
the year: first in their English classes, second in their History 
classes and finally in their Science classes.

*To make this effort successful, we need two volunteers to work together 
for half of a day to help us collate, organize and deliver materials on 
  Wed. Oct. 16 or Thurs. Oct. 17 to all of our English teachers*.

*3. Wednesday, Oct. 16*-- need 4 people total.

Volunteers for vision screening for students with Individual Educational 
Plans (IEP)'s: We will have vision screening for students with IEP's on 
that day.  We need 2 people in the morning and 2 in the afternoon to go 
around and pull students out of class for the screening in H110. It's 
not reliable to just give them notes and wait for them to show up.  Last 
year this system worked really well, so I'd like to do it again.

Oct 16 -AM shift would be from around 9-11:30 *(need 1 more person*)

Oct 16 -PM shift would be from 12:30-3:30 (Possibly only to 3) (*need 1 
more person*)

Thank you!

Lisa Sibony

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