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The Berkeley Athletic Fund produces an informative news bulletin about every
2 weeks.  See them all at  <http://www.berkeleyhighathletics.org/bulletin>
http://www.berkeleyhighathletics.org/bulletin, or download the
.pdf> latest issue to read about the Hall of Fame inductees, noted below.
The next meeting of the Athletic Fund is Monday, May 13 at 7:00pm in the BHS


2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

Mia Arakaki - 2000 - Soccer

Raymond Bell - 1973 - Basketball, Football

Willian Brew - 1979 - Basketball

Steve Chandler - 1958 - Baseball, Basketball, Tennis

Emerson Chapman - 1940 - Basketball, Track & Field

Cecilia Clark - 2001 - Soccer, Football

Lucius Davis - 1966 - Basketball

David Doubley - 2000 - Basketball

Arthur Evans - 1959 - Diving, Football

Rocco Giordano - 1953 - Baseball

Edison Griffin - 1953 - Basketball, Football, Track

Charles Jackson - 1973 - Football, Track

Shavaki Jackson - 1997 - Basketball

Michael Jefferson - 1979 - Football, Baseball

Robyne Johnson - 1981 - Track & Field

Sabrina Keys - 2002 - Basketball

Austin Nichols - 2000 - Basketball

David Winnacker - 1993 - Lacrosse

Kam Wong - 1970 - Soccer


Special Inductees

Keith Conning Track & Cross Country Coach, NCS Historian

Palmer Whitted Football, Track Coach

Manish Doshi, Athletic Fundraiser


The next monthly meeting and election of officers for the Athletic Fund will
be on Tuesday, May 14, 7:00pm in the BHS Library in the administration



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