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The staff at Berkeley High works hard to welcome  parents, guardians and
visitors to the school and at the same time support our students' education
and safety by keeping disruptions to a minimum.  The result is a number of
rules for parents and visitors--all of whom should be checking into the
Front Desk located at the corner of Allston Way and Milvia. So that you can
understand the system, I am sending you the current rules the Front Desk
volunteers are following when it comes to issuing visitors' passes.  


1. D Building badges are good for the Administration Building which houses
Attendance, Counselors, Registrar, Vice Principals, College and Career, and
Parent Resource Center.

2. BHS badges are good for the whole school. 

3. The security officers have requested that the volunteers date stamp and
initial all badges. 

4. The volunteers should call OCI, the College and Career Center, Athletic
Office and Health Center to check before giving badges.  

5. No one under 21 may visit without their parent or guardian.

6. We do not allow visitors to drop into classrooms unless the teacher has
left a note with the Front Desk.  Some teachers tell parents it is okay to
come by but do not inform the Front Desk.  In that case, we will call the
Teacher's classroom. 

7. Front Desk volunteers are trained to ask, "Where are you going?" and "Are
you expected?"  They are trying to figure out if you need a D building Badge
or a BHS badge or if your destination is a place that requires a phone call.


Please keep in mind that our goal is to be welcoming yet safe and not to
cause unnecessary delays or irritations.  Thank you for your support!


Janet Huseby

Outreach & Volunteers

Berkeley High School


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