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The NASA Opportunities in Visualization, Art, and Science (NOVAS)
afterschool program will be on hand for the YMCA Teen Center's "Teen Art
Show" on Thursday, March 21, 2013 starting at 7pm.  Our presentation will
highlight the uses of art and visualizations in science. The Art Show itself
is open to all Bay Area teens and their friends and families, plus light
refreshments and music will be provided!


Bay Area teens are invited to submit their own art of any form to the Art
Show.  Teens will also have the opportunity to sell their art if desired.
For more information on submitting art or on the Teen Art Show in general,
please contact Rebecca Guba at rguba at ymca-cba.org. 


The YMCA Teen Center is located in Downtown Berkeley at 2111 Martin Luther
King Jr. Way at the corner of Center Street, just two blocks from the
Downtown Berkeley BART Station. A location map can be found here:


We look forward to seeing you at the Teen Art Show on March 21st!


Dan Zevin

NOVAS Project Manager

Applications for NOVAS 2013 Spring Afterschool Program are Due March 15th -
go to 

http://www.nasanovas.org/about to download the application!

Dan Zevin 
Public Education Specialist
Space Sciences Laboratory
7 Gauss Way, MC 7450
University of California, Berkeley
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