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PLEASE do not reply to this email, contact John Villavicencio,
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March is Berkeley High's Month of Service 


I am Alyssa P., the Student Site Council Representative for Berkeley High
School. I write with hope that you can kindly contribute to our service
effort with supplies useful to homeless Berkeley youth residing at Youth
Engagement, Advocacy and Housing, or Y.E.A.H!, Homeless Shelter. The entire
month of March we will be collecting the five most-needed items; new
underwear, socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and deodorant, along with other
types of toiletries. On Thursday, March 27, 2013, we will host a student
community event to gather our collected items into kits that will be donated
to the Y.E.A.H! Shelter. Berkeley Leadership will contribute $500 in funds
to this drive and we hope that you can join us in supporting Y.E.A.H!


If you can make a donation or have any questions, please email the Director
of Student Activities, John Villavicencio, at
johnvillavicencio at berkeley.net, or contact us at (510) 644-8990. Your
donation will be much appreciated in the hearts of the BHS and local
homeless and hungry community. They are also tax deductible with the BHS tax
I.D.: #946002113.


This event will greatly contribute to the lives of local homeless youth.
However, in order for it to be possible, we need a tremendous amount of
support. This is the first time BHS Leadership will focus  service directly
on the youth homeless population. We expect this drive to be very passionate
as we help our fellow youth in need. We would be more than grateful for
whatever you can contribute.


The BHS Student Leadership Team and Berkeley Administration thank you for
your consideration and look forward to hearing back.



Alyssa P.


Committee for Homeless Youth Items Drive (Check Leadership Office for more


March Month of Service Events

Mar. 8: Service Fair with community organizations and student clubs

Mar. 14: Letter Writing Campaign 

Mar. 21: PBJ Making & Delivery

Mar. 23: Youth Leadership Conference (Limited to 35 students)

Mar. 28: Homeless Youth Items Kit Making (Limited to 30 students)


In celebration of the efforts of Cesar Chavez & other great examples of
community leaders, we celebrate March as a Month of Service.


This month is dedicated to improving our school as well as raising our
awareness of issues affecting our friends in our community & the world.






John Villavicencio

Director of Student Activities

Berkeley High School

(650) 784-9579

johnvillavicencio at berkeley.net 



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