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There's still time to become a Writer Coach at BHS if you register now at www.writercoachconnection.org.
You can make a difference at Berkeley High in Spring 2013 by becoming a Writer Coach! Register today for one of our upcoming volunteer trainings and help students develop writing and thinking skills in their English classes (9th grade at CAS; 9th & 10th grade at AMPS; 10th, 11th & 12th grade at Green Academy).
Working one-on-one with students during class time, WriterCoach Connection (WCC) volunteers bring encouragement and assistance to the difficult task of putting ideas into words on a page. Students are grateful, teachers supported, and volunteers find the work incredibly satisfying. Coaches work with students at all achievement levels and with every student in the class on their writing assignments.
The volunteer commitment is only 1-2 hours once or twice a month. WCC provides the training and support you'll need to be an effective coach. We welcome volunteers of diverse ethnicities, ages, and walks of life.
To see the complete training schedule for January & February, please visit www.writercoachconnection.org.
Register today and learn strategies to help teens–including your own–gain confidence, improve skills and complete assignments. To register and for more information: www.writercoachconnection.org (go to "Volunteer").
Sahib-Amar Khalsa
BHS Site Coordinator - WriterCoach Connection


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