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BUSD Board Updates provides highlights of Board Meetings and other Board

Note: Board Packets & associated documents are available at our website and
all Berkeley public libraries


Public Information Office  <tel:%28510%29%20644-6320> (510) 644-6320   

BUSD Web Site:  <http://www.berkeley.net/> www.berkeley.net


At the board meeting on November 28, 2012 the Board discussed the following


View photos of Board Meetings at  <http://flickr.com/> flickr.com:


Closed Session

The Board announced the appointment of Natasha Beery as Director of BSEP and
Community Relations.

See BSEP Appointment:  <https://vimeo.com/54579753>

See Closed Session:  <https://vimeo.com/54576857> https://vimeo.com/54576857


Approval of Agenda

The Board approved the agenda, pulling Consent Item 3.1-C Approval of MOU
with NCLB Supplemental Service Providers for discussion.


All Consent Items, including 3.1-A were approved.

See Approval of Agenda:  <https://vimeo.com/54576858>

See Consent Approval and 3.1-C:  <https://vimeo.com/54579750>


Board Recognition - Board President John T. Selawsky

The Board recognized John Selawsky, BUSD Board President, for his service to
Berkeley Unified School District as a member of BUSD School Board (2000 -

See Recognition:  <https://vimeo.com/54576860> https://vimeo.com/54576860


Public Comments

See Public Comments:  <https://vimeo.com/54576861>


Union Comments - No Union Comments


Board and Superintendents Comments

See Comments:  <https://vimeo.com/54576862> https://vimeo.com/54576862


Action Items


3.1-A Task Force for District-wide Gardening and Cooking Program

The Board voted to approve the formation of a Superintendent's Task Force to
strengthen the gardening and cooking program in our schools. **

See 3.1-A:  <https://vimeo.com/54579752> https://vimeo.com/54579752


Open Public Hearing - Item 4.1-A - No Comments

4.1-A Approval of Public Disclosure of Collective Bargaining Agreement
Documents for Local 21

This item was approved. 


** See Public Hearing and Item 4.1-A:  <https://vimeo.com/54585084>


Information Items


3.1-I Report on Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives for English

** See 3.1-I:  <https://vimeo.com/54579755> https://vimeo.com/54579755


3.2-I Report on Ethnic Makeup of School Governance Councils

** See 3.2-I:  <https://vimeo.com/54581905> https://vimeo.com/54581905


3.3-I Presentation on Common Core State Standards

** See 3.3-I:  <https://vimeo.com/54581906> https://vimeo.com/54581906


3.4-I Presentation on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Prevention and


** See 3.4-I:  <https://vimeo.com/54581903> https://vimeo.com/54581903


** Complete information about these items  is available for review in the
November 28, 2012 Board packet, located in the Board Meeting section of the
BUSD website:


Schedule of Upcoming Board of Education Meetings

December 12 Organizational Meeting

(2013 calendar will be approved at this meeting.)


All Board meetings are broadcast live on Berkeley Community Media Cable
Channel 33 re-broadcast on channel 33 the following Thursday morning at 9 AM
and the following Sunday at 2 PM.

Mark Coplan, Public Information Officer

Berkeley Unified School District

510-644-6320 Cell: 510-472-3811



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